The Archer's Bridge Merchants, commonly referred to as the Merchants, are a supervillian gang operating in Brockton Bay.


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Following Bakuda's bombing spree, the Merchants made a truce with the Empire Eighty-Eight, Undersiders, Faultline’s Crew and Coil to deal with them.

Following Leviathan's attack, the Merchants took over the Docks. People fell in line with them due to the lack of utilities, public services and supplies. Shortly afterwards, the Merchants began attacking city infrastructure, the airport, grocery stores, malls and seized medical supplies and food as they came in.[1]

Skid mark tried to capitalize on the new membership by forcing trigger events. One of these events was raided by Faultline and her crew as well as other parahumans. This broke the merchants reputation.

The Merchants were later decimated by the Slaughterhouse Nine when they arrived in Brockton Bay.


Name Status
Skidmark Deceased
Squealer Deceased
Mush Deceased
Trainwreck Deceased
Scrub Defected
Whirlygig Deceased

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