Miasma was a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Abilties and PowersEdit

Miasma can turn into an undetectable form that spews an odorless gas, causing headaches, tinnitus, watery eyes and eventually blindness, memory loss, and comas. While in this form, he can be revealed by attacks, which cause him to explode into thick green smoke.[1]


Background Edit

Miasma joined the Slaughterhouse Nine and died at some point, during his time as a member he participated in their atrocities and presumably died.


Bonesaw created nine clones of Miasma. Three of them were defeated by the Brockton Bay and Chicago Wards and Protectorate at Redfield.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • An early of Worm titled 'Versus Dragon' featured a character named Miss Miasma, a tinker specializing in gases. Pulled off a bank robbery much like the Undersiders but elected to run away instead of fighting like the Undersiders did in canon.[2]


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    Hatchet face excepted, they were enemies who were exceedingly mobile. Skinslip’s skin acted like a grappling hook, it let him climb, and it broke any fall. He could also smother and bludgeon his opponents with it, if he felt the need.

    Miasma was a stranger, invisible and undetectable but for an odorless gas he gave off that wore away at other’s minds, causing headaches, ringing in the ears, watery eyes and eventual blindness, memory loss and coma. - [1] from Sting 26.5
  2. Versus Dragon: If I remember right, it was the first chapter featuring Circus. You’ll notice she recurs – she was a protagonist for a stretch. She, a ‘Miss Miasma’ (tinker specializing in gases) and ‘Highbrow’ (with Browbeat’s powers) robbing a bank when Dragon shows up. The approach was very different (kick the door in, and they ran instead of trying to fight, despite being a more offensive team than the Undersiders, ironically) but I did use the same blueprints for the bank layout. - Comment by Wildbow on Prey 14.8