Migration 17.1
Date posted 8 January 2013
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Migration 17.1 is the first chapter of the Migration Arc. Backstory for the Travellers. They get set for a game tournament, then get transported to Earth Bet.


Francis Krouse is accosted by his mother as he's leaving the house on a day when his family is arriving to see him. He says he'll be home in the evening and heads out to a meeting.

The meeting is in a coffee shop where a group of people are discussing a rearrangement of the team before they move onto the international stage. Cody is ousted in favor of Krouse because of his apparent lack of skill and charisma. they go to deliver the bad news. He doesn't take it well, but agrees to stay and watch a tournament in case Krouse fails and he's let back onto the team.

Krouse gives Noelle Meinhardt a new desktop and they all open up the loading screen of a game called Ransack. Before they can actually log in the city shakes, the tables collapse and Chris is killed by a falling bookcase. They escape outside and see the endbringer Simurgh in the distance.


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