Olivia "Olive" Trebilcock operates with the Chicago Wards team as Romp. She previously operated under the name Mockshow while working for Topsy.


Olivia is a spirited young lady with a lot to learn from her peers.


Olivia is described as fourteen-year-old parahuman, as Mockshows she wears a hard mask with a stylized smiley face and a headband with screws sticking out like antennae.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Olive's power lets her animate discrete objects, whether mechanical device like a garage door or several large vehicles, she able to make them function without electrical power, being driven purely by telekinetics. Offensively she can reconfigure her targets into other shapes that can then move on their own, she is only seen using roughly humanoid minions. She needs to be able to physically touch an object however - afterward she is able to direct them as she sees fit.[2]

Weaver compares Romp's abilities to Bitch.[2] She has a higher power rating then Bitch, considered more of a threat. But where as Bitch's dogs are independent, if trained animals, Olive creates "loose, telekinetically animated servants" out of available mechanical material and restricted to to her immediate presence and her own grasp of tactics.[3] Further Olive's creations need her continuous influence to remain animated, if her power is canceled out her creations collapse,[3] where as Bitch's can function independently for a length of time outside her influence.



The character's history before the story.


Mockshow was a Topsy hireling before going up against the Chicago wards.

She was taken into custody and recruited by Weaver.


Romp was deployed with the rest of the Chicago team against the the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand. Tecton was called away on special strike mission, her team leader deliberately left all the wards behind.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

Romp was incredulous to the extent that The Undersiders were able to take over a city by themselves. Due to her vulgar attitude she was told by Grace to run laps, Romp was unaware she did not actually have to listen to her. She rushed back to tell her team that Scion was hitting her world.[4]

Unknown if she participated or even survived in the later stages.

References Edit


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