Monarch 16.5
Date posted December 8, 2012
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Monarch 16.5 is the sixth chapter of the Monarch Arc. Taylor realizes Dragon's specialty, takes a detour through a mall, gets caught by Dragon, and tricks her way free. The Undersiders win and the Dragonflight leaves.


Dragon attacks the Undersiders using the suit Azazel.  The suit set's up several nano fences designed to trapped the Undersiders to cut off their usual hit and run tactics. cornered in the Mall our protagonist is knocked off her mount she is captured by the AI suit in the mall.

Skitter figures out Dragon's Tinker specialty, her ability to work and use other Tinker's designs. Skitter tricks the Azazel AI into thinking she is about to fall into the thornes of the cage this forces the mechanical being to destroy part of the cage to ensure Sitter does not injure herself. Skitter is able to elide a plan form further conversation with the AI to it would harm Imp if it moved, tricking the AI's inability to harm human life.

Backup arrives and Sundancer quickly sets to destroying the suit.

Tattletale calls in and says that dragon and her suits have withdrawn thanks to the destruction of cell phone towers. Done on the purchased advice of the Dragonslayers, this keeps her from ordering her models well enough for them to do anything. Further other villain and mercenary groups have left Brockton Bay.

As such the Undersiders and the Travalers, and by extension their employer Coil. Have taken control of Brockton Bay. Skitter knows that this means that Coil has to set Dinah free. At least she hopes he will.


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