Mush is a member of the Merchants.


Mush was down on his luck, trying to fix his situation in life and failing by joining the Merchants.[2]


Mush is described as looking like a pink-skinned, scrawny goblin from a fantasy movie. He has thin hair, large eyes that are heavy-lidded with dark circles, and skinny limbs contrasted by a bulging pot-belly. [3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mush is a Changer who can form an expanded body out of loose debris. His body branches out and lengthens as he collects more and more debris for his form, allowing him to become a giant if need be.



Recruited by Skidmark.

Post-Leviathan Edit

Fought Faultline's crew and was forced to retreat. Was killed by the Slaughterhouse Nine.


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  2. The Merchants are a group that never took off. They don't have high aspirations, they just use their powers to make a risky business less risky, selling drugs. They're economically depressed types in an economically depressed area, making what money they can off people with very little money to spare. Bit-rate dealers (Skidmark), white trash (Squealer), and people down on their luck, trying to fix their situation in life and failing (Mush). - Wildbow on Spacebattles
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