Myrddin is the leader of the Chicago Protectorate team.


He is a self-professed wizard.

He vehemently opposed the D.D.I.D.[2]


Chevalier Edit

Myrddin had a long time friendship with the pseudo-knight. They often talked about the believer vs. the cynic.[3]

Alexandria Edit

The heroine considered Myrddin a dear friend.[4]


Myrddin wears a brown burlap robe and cloak, and carries a gnarled wooden staff.[5][2] He has a metal visor that casts his face in shadow, and body armor with a raised metal collar beneath his robe. He has a thick, well-trimmed brown beard.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Carried around several pocket dimensions, which he could use for a selection of dimension-specific effects.[7][8] He is aided by by making signs and words that seems to be how he categorizes and organizes his pocket dimensions. He applied his powers in versatile ways,[9] and was one of the most powerful heroes in the United States of America.[9][10]

  • He could fly, and remain unmoving in midair in the face of powerful vacuums.[6]
  • He can temporarily "banish" people in a clap of thunder and a cloud of mist.[6] He could seemingly only banish one person at a time.[11] This technique could banish even someone as massive as Echidna, although it seemed to require concentration to maintain.[9]
  • He could summon multiple heroes with a wave of his staff.[9]
  • He could draw a glowing symbol in the air, then detonate it, firing a blast of concussive force in the same shape as the symbol. This allowed him to target specific combatants while ignoring his teammates. Trickster speculated that this was opening a crack into a dimension filled with compressed air. He could use this power several times in rapid succession.[6][12] This blast could be powerful enough to push Echidna around.[9]
  • Absorbed enormous amounts of matter into a sphere, which could then be launched as a hyperdense projectile.[13][9] The vacuum was powerful enough to pull nearby combatants toward him. He performed this trick by drawing a dark sign in midair.[9]
  • He was able to collect the radioactive material from an area.[14]
  • He could catch "glimpses" of how a parahuman's power functioned.[2]
  • It was speculated he could rig some sort of countermeasure to keep prisoners from escaping long-term.[15]

His abilities didn't function properly on materials that had recently moved between dimensions, including his own pocket dimensions and Alternate Earths.[2] [16][2] Tattletale speculated that, like Labyrinth, his power might create a dimensional rift in conjunction with Scrub's blasts.[17]


Myrddin was a long standing member of the Protectorate.


During the Simurgh's attack on Madison, Wisconsin, Myrddin met Francis Krouse and Noelle Meinhardt.[17]

Story StartEdit

He took part of the battle against Leviathan, even going toe to toe with the monster[18], but was eventually taken out by the creature.[19]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

During the Battle against Echidna, Myrddin told Tattletale that trying to open a portal to Earth Aleph was too dangerous and that they didn't know if it would work. When Tattletale asked if he said that as the resident dimensional manipulator or because he was afraid it would lead to a revelation about Cauldron, he asked her what she was talking about. Miss Militia told them to stick to the matter at hand before saying that they would talk about it later to which Myrddin agreed.

When Tattletale refused to drop it, Myrddin asked if she was a clone. Skitter told him that she almost wished she was before saying it was the real her. When Chevalier asked about why Miss Militia had attacked Tattletale, she said that Tattletale could cause a catastrophic amount of damage with her information before asking them if they had read her file. Myrddin said that he had before Chevalier asked about the information Tattletale had.

Skitter told them that she could explain and Myrddin looked towards Miss Militia. When she nodded, he raised his voice and told everyone not immediately involved in their discussion to find something else to do. Gully refused to leave, even after being warned, and Myrddin told her that they were on the brink of another conflict with an S-class threat and that she and her teammates needed to clear out. She told him that she needed to know for others like her. Myrddin told her that it wasn't the time or place before the ground shook and he noted they were out of time.[17]

Myrddin cut Echidna off before waved his staff and releasing a group of heroes that then materialized around him. When Echidna charged them, he used his staff to write a sign in the air that then exploded outwards to strike Echidna in the face. He then worked with Chevalier against Echidna. He drew a dark sign and sucked the stream of bodies and gore that Echidna released. He then directed the matter he had sucked in as a condensed bullet at Echidna. When Echidna tried to go after Chevalier, Myrddin helped drive her back.

Later, Myrddin caught up with Echidna before hitting her with one of his 'spells'. He went very still and started to concentrate after Echidna vanished. Sometime during the battle between Echidna's clones and the heroes, his concentration was broken and Echidna was released.[9]

Myrddin recovered from holding Echidna at bay underneath Legend and Alexandria before taking to the air. He snuck up on Echidna and the Eidolon clone from behind, pointed his staff at the clone, and then made it disappear. He was sent flying off course when the air the clone had compressed was released before setting himself down on the ground. When the clone reappeared, Myrddin started fighting him again. The clone tried to trap him in a vacuum and hampered Myrddin's flight with headwinds and gusts, and sharp blasts of wind that Myrddin deflected or dodged. Myrddin attacked relentlessly, bombarding the clone with explosions of energy alternating with scattered releases of whatever he managed to suck in while close to the ground.

Later, Myrddin was shoved against a wall by the clone who then pummeled him with repeated blasts of wind. The clone then got close enough to trap Myrddin in his vacuum and Myrddin gave up fighting, focusing his attention on trying to escape. The clone caught him, knocked the staff from his hand, and choked him with the vacuum. Regent caused the clone to lose his grip on Myrddin's neck and air returned, thrusting Myrddin against the wall. He then fell to the ground where the clone approached him. Skitter and Regent attempted to stop the clone, but the clone managed to kill Myrddin by stabbing him in the throat.[12]

Trivia Edit

  • His capi ID is based on Myrddin Wyllt
  • Myrddin is considered one of the top heroes in the protectorate.[20]


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