Narwhal is the head of the Guild and the leader of the Protectorate's Toronto branch.[2]


Narwhal is seven feet tall with long, glossy, pale hair. She uses her power to create a single, three-foot horn on her forehead and coat her skin with fine crystalline scales.[1]

After the timeskip her look had been redesigned somewhat, with her horn now curving backward over the top of her head.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Narwhal creates crystalline force-fields and can move them at high velocities. She is able to, if the target is within fifty feet of her, create a forcefield that bisects part of the target's body, such as an appendage or even cleave through the upper thorax.[4]

She also has much finer control, able to use her force fields almost in lieu of telekinesis to manipulate small objects or similar.[3]

Narwhal can bypass the Manton effect as a result of her second trigger. Prior to that, she was unable to create force-fields that bisected people.[5]



Triggered. And then triggered again. Joined the then failed guild and was responsible for it being revamped into the elite organization it is today.[citation needed]

Story StartEdit

After Armsmaster and Dragon's program predicted that Leviathan would attack Brockton Bay, Narwhal traveled to the Protectorate E.N.E.'s base. She listened as Legend addressed them with a pre-battle speech.[1]

Narwhal then received an armband from the Brockton Bay Wards. When the ceiling started to cave in, Narwhal flicked two fingers towards the ceiling and shored it up with forcefields. She was later teleported out of the building by Strider.[6]

Narwhal later manifested a dozen forcefields and flicked them towards Leviathan. She redirected the forcefields that glanced off Leviathan's skin; having them press against the edges of his body and get in the way of his legs moving. After the dumpster that Ballistic launched at Leviathan forced him backwards, Narwhal sent another forcefield into Leviathan's neck.

Moments later, Narwhal was alerted to an approaching tidal wave by her armband. She created forcefields in-between the defending capes and Leviathan before it hit. She was listed amongst the losses after the final tidal wave hit,[7] this was later shown to be the casualties list as her name did not appear on the Brockton Bay Memorial.


She recovered and was seen two years later,[8] and was active during Golden Morning.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • One common misconception is that Narwhal was able to create her force fields inside Leviathan's body, and by extension any endbringers body, but this wasn't the case.[4]
  • Narwhal took book recommendations from people, commenting that she liked Weaver's recommendation to her.[3]
  • A common joke is that she uses her forcefields to substitute clothes
  • Narwhal is considered one of the top heroes in the protectorate.[9]


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