Nice Guy is a former member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nice Guy's power makes people incapable of perceiving him as a threat. Even if he commits violent acts, those observing him see him as a harmless bystander[1] His power is more effective if he has line of sight with his victims.


Background Edit

Nice Guy joined the Slaughterhouse Nine and died at some point during his time as a member.


Nice Guy was one of the many templates Bonesaw used to create her clone army. One had its throat slit by Imp, another was accidentally shot in the head by Weaver.

Trivia Edit

  • Nice Guy was based on an earlier concept for Imp.[2]


  1. Sting 26.1
  2. One of the people who didn’t make the final cut was called ‘Nice Guy’.
    The basis behind his character was that he was the guy you’d never suspect, who faded into the background, and faded from your attention, until you didn’t even realize he was attacking you.
    Sound familiar? - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 13.5 (Donation Bonus)


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