Jamie Rinke, also known as Nilbog, is a crazed lunatic[2] who rules Ellisburg as his personal 'fiefdom'. He is a dangerous individual with the potential to be an S-Class threat, along with the Endbringers and the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Over the course of ten years with virtually no human contact, Jamie has regressed to a childlike perception of himself as a god. Given this, he is practically incapable of deceit, seeing things in a fairy-tale mentality. His megalomaniacal tendencies include being unable to interact with people unless he sees them as being of equal status to himself. Fellow monarchs of their specific kingdoms.

This degradation has also decreased his ability to be a credible threat, but also made him more unpredictable.


Jamie is described as a man, potbellied and hunchbacked, wearing a patchwork costume with jarring patterns of stripes and checkers. He wears a cloth crown with a cloth mask featuring beads for eyes and a perpetual leer of a smile.

He frequently uses false puppet creatures that look like bloated versions of himself to deceive possible enemies.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jamie has the power to create minions that are customized with feelings and powers of their own. He does this by recycling pre-existing living material.[3][2] His monsters have the ability to breed and give birth to more monsters and come in a variety of shapes and forms. This earns him an S-Class rating under the PRT Operations Manual as he is a "high level duplicator ... who operate[s at an] exponential degree" with his creations having their own fantastic abilities.[4]

As Nilbog, he is only limited in the amount of living matter he has to manipulate and shape. He converts this living matter from a target by enclosing them in one of his generated sacs. The target could fight free if able to, but otherwise once enclosed the targets biological material is converted into a 'slurry' as Nilbog transfers them through his body into another sac where the slurries component parts can now be used or can be converted.

He can't pull anything from thin air. He needs to be in contact with X amount of helpless biomass to produce X amount of minion stuff. If the target can move, they can fight free of the enclosing sac. Once enclosed, it's a question of being transferred from one point of contact with Nilbog to another, processed as they pass through his body. The hunchback and robe are basically containers for the biomass (rendered into a slurry) that he's carrying on his person, and he wears a goblin suit (basically a created goblin with a Nilbog-shaped hole he can climb into) for the strength to haul it about.[5]

His creations form from his hands in placenta like sacs before he releases them.[1] However, his monsters only have a lifespan of around three to four years, is reportedly decreasing with each successive regeneration.[6][7]

With his monsters, he wiped out the human population of Ellisburg and killed all but two of the operatives that were sent in. He is spoken about in the same breath as the Slaughterhouse Nine and the Endbringers, but slightly less of a threat as he stays within his "Garden of Eden".



Jamie Rinke had a rich imagination as a child which he would draw on as an adult. Rinke was originally a banker and a loner before he was fired from his job. Alone in his apartment, withdrawn and isolated, he had his trigger event; purportedly linked to his imminent homelessness.[1] He created Polka and things only got better from there.

He conquered Ellisburg and defeated multiple PRT strike teams while driving off the accompanying capes from the Toronto Protectorate.[5] Among the PRT personnel there were only two survivors who made it out alive.[1]

Reputation Edit

Nilbog would be classified as an S-Class threat, mentioned in the same breath as the Endbringers, the Three Blasphemies, and Sleeper.[8]


After twelve years of relative solitude, Nilbog was visited by monsters like himself.[9] Nilbog and his guests were soon joined by others who claimed to be the Jeremy's peers.[10]

During his brief captivity, all he built was destroyed. His kingdom was invaded, and all his creations, running rampant due to his kidnapping, were put down. The Nine were able to rapidly find a way to have Nilbog reinforce their forces.[11] Nilbog would later be retrieved from the custody of the Nine by a Protectorate team.

Golden MorningEdit

Rinke participates in Worm's conclusion, and is thus given some degree of amnesty during the story's epilogue. He was later seen a guest of the new Wardens after the final battle, talking with some rather interesting people.


  • Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards, and the name of the town form Trolls 2.
  • According to Valkyrie, he is the keeper of the "Maker" shard.[12]

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