Nix, not to be confused with her twin sister Nyx, was a member of the Las Vegas Protectorate before leaving it along with the rest of her team. She was last seen in Protectorate custody, though it is probable that she was pulled into Golden Morning.


Nix and her twin sister Nyx both took Cauldron vials, presumably as part of tests with capes with identical DNA, like Fenja and Menja. Only Nix had viable powers, while Nyx became a "monstrous cape". It appears that Nyx was released into the world as another Case 53, while Nix was allowed to continue her life as normal, presumably joining the Wards. Nyx later joined the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Nix was a member of the Las Vegas team, and took it very hard when measures against Cauldron capes came into play, possibly because she herself was a Cauldron cape, or because she had a personal relationship with Pretender, who was detained at the time.


Nix isn't described in detail, but it can be assumed that her costume is flamboyant, like the rest of her team.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nix can create illusions similar to those produced by her sister. However, when these illusions are disrupted they turn into harmless smoke as opposed to the poison gas produced by Nyx. Other possible powers are unknown, but as she is easily trapped by Golem's stone hand, it can be assumed that she is not a powerful Brute, Changer or Mover.


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