Mulatu Desalegn known as Ogun is a failed warlord about to be imprisoned in the Birdcage.[1]


Mulatu is charismatic, keenly intelligent, and tactically minded, with a grasp of strategy, and the ability to use his power to pull solutions to problems from his surroundings. In personality, he remains passionate, but his actions, especially those toward enemies, are barbaric.

As Ogun he advocated for the equal treatment of women, parahumans, even homosexuals; displaying relatively progressive politics for his country. However during the four year conflict that earned him his title, he became known as the butcher, alluding to some sort of bipolar disorder.[1]


Standing at 6.3 and weight 195 pounds, Mulatu is highly photogenic. When he was active as a warlord he is not known to wear any sort of costume.[1]

Powers and Equipment Edit

Ogun’s power is implemented through a shaker aspect that manifests in patches near him and slowly grow and change. They eventually fill in an entire area but he must remain stationary for this. If he is an an area with enough technology or machines his power will prioritize affecting them, transforming it into a 'node' that will serve to propagate the effect of Ogun's power especially along any wiring or cables. after he leaves the area the affected machines presumably convert back into its original configurations.[1]

Known examples of this ability has included the creation of gigantic interlinked computer systems complete with monitors and interfaces, turrets(automation inconsistent), teleportation devices that only operate within his effect. Further portable housings of tinker devices are created that lets Ogun use outside of his effect.[1]

By all reports he has no conscious control over his power, yet this had never hindered him. It is almost like Ogun and his power are partners working together. Like many tinker devices the objects effected by his power have only ever worked for Ogun.[1]equipment.[2]



Tried to mount a political coup in Addis Ababa against the resident warlord, Adroa, with the tacit support of western allies due to spouting a progressive agenda. After this failed he tried a more martial take over embroiling the region in a four year civil war.

Story StartEdit

Embroiled in a four year civil war that devastated the city of Addis Ababa and the surrounding region killing thousands, including many noncombatants. His western allies turned on him intervening and removing him from what little power he had. As an apology for their reticence to be involved the western powers agreed to intern the otherwise elusive Ogun in the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center.[1]


Escaped the containment convoy transporting them to the Birdcage, along with three other prisoners. Has a kill order out for him along with his fellow prisoners. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Ogun is a powerful spirit in the Yuruba religion of Nigeria, governing crafts and smithing.

References Edit

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