Oliver is a largely inactive member of the Travelers.


He lacked confidence in himself. Given his gained abilities and the manipulation by the Simurgh, he was never able to grow out of this.[1]

It was largely his role to keep Noelle company when the other Travelers were off base.

Appearance and PowersEdit

Oliver's power is best classified by the now defunct Shifter rating.[2] Effectively making him a low level Changer/Stranger.

He usually has blond hair.[3]It changes his face and body according to his basic perception of attractiveness which slightly changes every time he sees a new face to the point that even his friends have had trouble recognizing him. It is suggested that his power allows him to become skilled at anything he focuses on for an extended period of time.[4][5]

His power was Eden's humanity distilled, as that is what the Balence vial was.[6]



Oliver was a member of a professional-level video game team on Earth Aleph. When the Simurgh attacked Madison, Wisconsin on Earth Bet, she took several buildings from Earth Aleph- including the building Oliver was in- which left him stranded on Earth Bet with his friends. After Francis found a suitcase full of Cauldron superhero serum, he and Noelle only took half a dose.

Story StartEdit

Was not seen for a long time, and only then in Coil's base.


Returned to Earth Aleph.

Gold MorningEdit

Oliver participated in the final battle, where his power caused Scion to briefly believe he might be Eden.[6]


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