Othala was a teenage[1] member of the Empire Eighty-Eight.


350px-Odal rune.svg

The Odal Rune

Othala wore a skintight red bodysuit[1] with an icon based on the Odal rune in the center in black. She also wears an eyepatch with the same icon in white on it, although her hair usually covers it so that it isn't obvious.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Othala had the ability to grant any one of several temporary superpowers to people she touches. Among the powers she is known to be able to grant are pyrokinesis,[3] invincibility, regeneration, flight[4], super-speed, and augmented strength.[5] She cannot grant any of these powers to herself, however.[2]

Othala's power was limited to one person at a time. The duration depended on the power, ranging from ~30 seconds to 2 minutes, with powers that "bend reality more" tending to "burn out" faster, in terms of duration.[6]



Was at a meeting with her extended family when they were attacked. Panicking, she triggered and gained her powers.[7]

Married to Victor after her cousin - his original fiance - died.[8]

Story StartEdit

Fought New Wave alongside Krieg, Victor, and Alabaster.[9]


With the dissolution of the Empire, Othala joined Hookwolf's Chosen. Attended the Truce meeting when deciding what to do with the cities new guests.[3]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

She was ambushed with the rest of her team by the Undersiders.

Gold MorningEdit

She was killed in the final battle of Gold Morning erased alongside a number of capes including Trickster and Ash Beast.[4]


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