Othello is a member of the Ambassadors.


Othello wears an elegent black suit and a black-and-white mask.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Othello possesses a 'mirror self' or 'imaginary friend' that travels in another world that only has limited interactions with the first. He can drive himself into the mirror world, bringing his other self in from that world at the same time — producing an effect that could be mistaken for teleportation — and he can control the nature of the interactions between his 'mirror self' and the world to attack while remaining apparently invisible and intangible.[3]

The ability of this other self to effect to world includes making shallow cuts and similar to targets.[4]

The sensory input he receives from his companion is unaffected by Imp's power.[5]


Background Edit

Recruited by accord passing all tests and given a vial that gave him is powers.

Was one of only two ambassadors to survive a confrontation with the Slaughterhouse Nine.



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  2. Othello – Another of Accord’s ambassadors, Othello wears a black suit and a mask divided between Alabaster and Jet. He is described as having ‘an imaginary friend’ in terms of his power, with no details beyond that. - Cast (in depth)
  3. “And Othello?” I asked.

    "He has a mirror self,” she said. “Who walks in a world very similar to this one. This self has a limited ability to affect our world, and can’t be affected by us. Othello can push himself into that other world to bring his other self into ours, and vice versa. One leaves, the other enters. It looks very much like teleportation or invisibility. It isn’t.” - Excerpt from Imago 21.4
  4. But Citrine was still a leader, didn’t waste a moment. She gave the signal, shouted something I couldn’t make out, and her followers opened fire. Jacklight and Codex lobbed their attacks towards Butcher, and the leader of the Teeth teleported away before either could do any real damage. Ligeia produced a geyser of water that sent duplicates flying ten or twelve feet in the air. Othello, for his part, was standing by, his hands in his pockets, his two-tone mask expressionless.

    Which wasn’t to say he wasn’t contributing. Hemorrhagia was enduring an assault from an invisible, immaterial foe. I could feel him, feel the movement against my bugs, but the bugs didn’t settle on him, simply passed through. He was only partially there, focusing on allowing certain aspects of himself, his weapon, to affect our world.

    Shallow cuts appeared on Hemmorhagia’s face, chest and arms as she tried ineffectually to shield herself, and those same cuts exploded violently as she used her power to draw her blood from her body and turn it into hard, physical, cutting weapons. More blood congealed into broad scabs that protected her and reduced the damage of the continuous slashes.


    Our two Strangers were doing much of the work in dealing with the back line. That left us to deal with Butcher. - Excerpt from Imago 21.6
  5. “Talk,” he said, after too many long minutes of silence.

    “We can take them, sir,” Othello said. “Any one group, we could handle, but not two groups at once.”

    “I agree,” Accord said. “Do you think you could handle them if things went sour?”

    “With little trouble, sir. The only ones I’d wonder about are Tattletale, Imp, Valefor and Fourteen,” Othello replied.

    “Imp and Valefor… your stranger powers against theirs makes for a troublesome fight. Imp is the one I would worry about first. Unpredictable, impossible to track.”

    “I’m suspicious my power cancels hers out, sir. My other self saw her get close to Butcher. I think she had a weapon.” - Excerpt from Interlude 20

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