Othello is a member of the Ambassadors.


Othello wears a black suit and a black-and-white mask.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Othello possesses a 'mirror self' that travels in another world that only has limited interactions with the first. He can drive himself into the mirror world, bringing his other self in from that world at the same time — producing an effect that could be mistaken for teleportation — and he can control the nature of the interactions between his 'mirror self' and the world to attack while remaining apparently invisible and intangible.

The sensory input he receives from his companion is unaffected by Imp's power.[1]


Background Edit

Recruited by accord passing all tests and given a vial that gave him is powers.



  • It is possible that Othello's power was inspired by Niki Sanders from Heroes, as they share noticeable similarities.


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