Othello is a member of the Ambassadors.


Othello wears an elegent black suit and an expressionless black-and-white mask.[1][5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Othello possesses a 'mirror self' or 'imaginary friend' that travels in another world, and only has limited interactions with reality.[6] It must move around to gather intelligence, its passage does not disturb anything in the normal world as as someone who is invisible or even intangible might.[4] However it can not walk through walls or similar as it occupies it's own mirror world that reflects wherever Othello is.[6]

He can shunt himself into the mirror world, bringing his other self in from that world at the same time — producing an effect that could be mistaken for teleportation.[6] He can control the nature of the interactions between his 'mirror self' and the world, allowing it to attack while remaining otherwise invisible and intangible, making shallow cuts and similar to targets. This ability required concentration.[2]

The sensory input he receives from his companion is resistant to Imp's power,[3] and may apply to other similar powers as well.



Like all Ambassadors, he was recruited by Accord as a normal human, passing all his tests. He given a vial that gave him his powers.[7][8]


Othello was one of only two Ambassadors to survive a confrontation with the Slaughterhouse Nine. He accompanied Accord to Brockton Bay.[7]

He participated in a battle against the Teeth alongside the Undersiders and other Ambassadors.[8]

He was present for a meeting between the Ambassadors and the Undersiders during Skitter's Surrender.[9]

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  • Derives his name from the Shakespearean tragedy of the same name. Which Shakespeare adapted from Cinthio's short story Un Capitano Moro.
    • In the play Othello is a Moorish (read: dark-skinned) general of Venice betrayed by his junior officer Iago, who is light-skinned. Iago spends much of the story sneaking around behind the scenes, gather information and causing trouble between the other characters.

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