The Brockton Bay Protectorate Headquarters, also serving as the local Wards Base was a fair sized steel and glass building in the Downtown section of Brockton Bay, situated near Arcadia High School. A shield logo bearing the letters ‘P.R.T.' is attached to the front.[1]

It had a helipad and parking area on the grounds outside the building. Inside the building was several different locations (some of which match a modern police station), a gift shop and very secure access to the Protectorate and Wards local 'home base' in a domed section up near the top.

The Protectorate and Wards Base is a large domed area with easy to adjust and movable walls. These can be used to rearrange things if need be for new quarters.


Was heavily damaged during the Endbringer fight.

Armsmaster was incarcerated on a special, secluded floor up near this area as part of his sentence while he continued to work on his Tinker inventions. Until Mannequin paid a visit.

Golden MorningEdit

was repurposed the shield brockton Bay from the disaters created by Zion's rampage.

References Edit

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