The Parahuman Response Team is a police and/or emergency response team trained to deal with parahumans and the fallout of their actions. Their emblem is shaped like a shield[1] and bears the letters ‘P.R.T.'[2]


On January 18th, 1993 Alexandria, Eidolon, Hero and Legend were sworn in by the President of the United States under PRTCJ as the founding members of the United States' Protectorate. It was the first in a long series of steps that led to the formation of the PRT, the Protectorate, and in the organization of heroes worldwide.


The PRT is a multinational organization spanning the United States of America and Canada, with talks about expanding into Mexico. It is overseen as a whole by the Chief Director and Deputy Chief Director while Directors and Deputy Directors oversee individual PRT departments.

United States' PRT departments are designated from one to sixty-seven in order of the country's largest cities to its smaller ones. Canadian cities were added later as part of a treaty, but given special designated (Vancouver (NW), Edmonton (N), Toronto (NE) and etc.).

Brockton Bay (ENE) Pueblo (F), Jasper (J) warranted special attention and, as such, were given special designations. Other special cases included quarantine zones (PRT departments Q1 through Q7) which are in order; as Gary (unexplained explosion in villain population), Freedom, California (Pastor),[3] Eagleton (Machine Army), Ellisburg (Nilbog), Flint (Redacted), Gallup (Villain Group) and Madison (Simurgh).


WEDGDG, commonly referred to as "Watchdog", is a PRT-centered organization consisting of capes and civilians charged with targeting and identifying economic and political malfeasance.


MIRIS is a largely failed PRT-centered organization made to promote and enable Rogues in society, where parahumans could not be recruited we supported in business and other practical means. A series of setbacks and defunding have largely gutted the group, and it barely subsists now.


The Protectorate is a parahuman organization that has agreed to accept government funding and legitimacy and agreed to follow a special set of laws laid out for parahumans, to accept bureaucratic oversight and cooperate with local authorities.

Notable MembersEdit

Director Costa-Brown
Director Piggot
Deputy Director Renick
Director Tagg
Director Seneca
Director Armstrong
Director Hearthrow
Director Wikins
Director Knox


PRT officers wear chain mesh and kevlar vests, and helmets that cover their faces.[4]

They carry firearms - both pistols and assault rifles.[5] These are usually loaded with nonlethal rounds, unless targeting individuals who are considered expendible or capable of surviving. In addition, specific individuals can carry a variety of specialized equipment. The PRT officers can carry grenade launchers that carry specialized load outs, including containment foam and tinker-made rounds.

Containment Foam is the PRT's most common non-lethal response to threats. PRT officers are usually equipped with tinker-made containment foam applicators, mounted on the backs of the officer and dispensed on the target with spray applicators. The PRT, in response to large threats, has large vans with turrets mounted on the top to spray the containment foam.

The PRT typically uses large vans for transportation, these are usually marked with purple stripes diagonally across the side,[6] the initialization of the organization stenciled on the side, their emergency lights are green and white.[7] This distinguishes them from lights used by emergency services. IT is unknown how much variation there is between individual departments.


Local Parahuman Response Team Directors usually have a say in the decisions that the Protectorate make as well as the equipment, locations, and funds available to them.

References Edit

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  2. The building housing the local Parahuman Response Team division didn't really stand out. The exterior was all windows, reflective enough to mirror the mottled dark gray of the sky overhead.  Only a shield logo bearing the letters ‘P.R.T.' marked it apart from the other buildings of downtown Brockton Bay. - Interlude 3
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  7. It took three minutes for the PRT to arrive. I saw the green and white flashing lights and heard the splashing before anyone stepped into my field of view. - Excerpt from Parasite 10.2

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