Parasite 10.6
Date posted 12 May 2012
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Parasite 10.6 is the sixth chapter of Parasite. Still getting away; Skitter confronts Bitch; they get rid of Shadow Stalker and bring the data to Coil; Dinah reveals that Jack Slash will end the world; Coil orders the Undersiders to establish territories; Skitter confronts Coil about freeing Dinah.


Skitter is understandably pissed. Walking up to her hiding team, ignoring Tattletale she slugs the bitch Bitch. The dogs back down.

She dishes on her traitorous teammate and breaks down her ego.

The meeting over the Undersiders go to drop off the data with the protectorate. Dinah drops a bomb: Jack Slash is going to kill 'everyone'. What is going on!

Skitter offers a deal to get them to lose.

Major EventsEdit

  • Skitter makes a deal.


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