Cody is a parahuman formerly affiliated with the Travelers and the Yangban.


Cody is prideful and short-tempered and cannot stand being defeated or isolated, even in situations not typically considered competitive; Krouse describes him as a "Type A personality"[1] and a "coward at heart".[2]


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Cody can cause himself or any person or object he sees to be reverted to their state and location as of a few seconds earlier.[2]

His time with the Yangban gave him an extremely rudimentary understanding of Chinese, but not much more than he'd had to start with.[3]


Cody was a member of a professional-level video game team on Earth Aleph consisting of himself, Noelle, Marissa Newland, Francis Krouse, and Luke.[1]

When the Simurgh attacked Madison, Wisconsin, on Earth Bet, she teleported several buildings from Earth Aleph to Earth Bet, including the one Cody and his friends were in. After Krouse found a suitcase full of Cauldron vials, Cody drank the one containing the Vestige formula and gained his powers.[2]

Cody was a member of the Travelers for some time until they traveled to Boston on Earth Bet. Due to his problems with Krouse being the leader of the group, he touched Noelle three times, releasing three clones of himself. She became infuriated and broke his arm and his leg, while the other Travelers subdued the clones.

After this happened, Accord sought out the real cause of tension within the Travelers, found Cody, and sold him to the Yangban, where he was trained intensively and forced to conform. During his time with the Yangban, he bonded with Thirty-two over their mutual foreignness, but the group segregated them.

During the New Delhi attack, he rebelled against the Yangban, killing Accord and wounding Chevalier and Tattletale.

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