Referred to as a "monster" by the Indian heroes, he was willing to risk the destruction of the city his daughter lived in in exchange for a chance of destroying Behemoth. He could have saved his wife using his power, but allowed her to remain dead because it ensured a supervillain would remain dead.


When Weaver first saw him, he was disheveled, with dark circles under his eyes, his skin was pale and his beard and hair were bedraggled, but reasonably handsome, and in his mid thirties. His costume was opulent and clean; an indigo robe, a gold chain with a sapphire set in it, a gold chain for a belt and a gold sash.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Phir Sē has the ability to make doorways back in time a few minutes. He can use this power to circulate light for long periods of time, to create weapons strong enough to blast through Behemoth.[1]


Was once an idealistic person that was left cynical from a long life fighting stupidity, shortsightedness among people and "heroes".

Weaver convinced him to wait for her to set up a more fortuitous situation for her to use one of his most devastating inventions.

Later, Turanta mentions his death in conclusion of the encounter with Behemoth,[1]

Fanart Gallery Edit


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