Pitter is a member of Coil's Organization in Brockton Bay.


After Coil resolved the situation around Pitter's wife, Pitter became steadfastly dedicated to his duties, though Coil still thought of him as replaceable. Trickster described Pitter as creeping him out.[1]


Pitter is a small, unassuming man who wears a sweater and small round-rimmed glasses.[1]



Pitter was a registered nurse who served as nanny to two ill children for eight years. After his wife cheated on him, he tried to divorce her, but she ruined his career and other relationships by planting accusations and fake evidence against him. Coil killed his wife and discreetly wrapped up the problems plaguing Pitter, earning Pitter's dutiful service.[1]


As a member of Coil's organization, Pitter took care of the Travelers' living situations, kept Dinah healthy, and administered drugs to her. He also administered the construction of Noelle's cell.[1]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Pitter was present when Crawler attacked Coil's headquarters, and took shelter with the rest of the staff in Noelles chamber.[2]

Was later called upon to sedate cherish after the villainess was forcibly brought into Coil's custody.[3]

With Coil's death he presumably left Brockton Bay.[4]


  • Was originally named Mr. Cothren but was changed to Pitter to avoid confusion with Ms. Cranston.[5]

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