Plague is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Infestation and followed by Snare.

Summary Edit

The cape factions of the city meet to discuss their response to the Nine, including Dinah's prophecy. Mostly ejected from the general meeting by Hookwolf's manipulations, the Undersiders and Travelers strategize in private. After the meeting, they encounter half of the current Nine, who introduce Regent and Bitch to the testing process and announce Shatterbird's usual citywide attack. Tattletale is wounded after revealing Cherish's plan to subvert the Nine, but entices Jack to a deal- if the tests end with more than half the candidates surviving, the Nine take the first volunteer and leave town.

Taylor uses her bugs to warn as many people as possible of the imminent devastation from Shatterbird's power. (Her dad is injured, but Coil's medics arrive immediately and take him to get treatment.) While she's working to provide relief to the injured in her territory, Mannequin attacks. He kills several of her people, but she promises to make him regret it, and succeeds.

Chapters Edit

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