Plague 12.1
Date posted June 26, 2012
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Plague 12.1 is the first chapter of Plague. Skitter practices bug controlling and rat control, meets up with Grue and gets ready for a Truce meeting.


Skitter outfits her employees with origami jewelry to allow her to keep track of them. They chat about their views on society.

Skitter administrate to the needs of her territory by clearing out rodent infestation for one house and arranging a secondary supply run to address the families at the boardwalk's needs.

Meets up with and has a discussion of methods with Grue, draws a comparison to how other Undersiders are handling their territories.


The Undersiders Edit

Skitter's Employees Edit


  • Family


  • Taylor starts considering how her powers have effected her brain considering her increased multitasking ability used to direct her bugs.

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