Pretender is a parahuman and member of the Las Vegas Protectorate.


Pretender wears a purple velvet costume covering most of his albino skin, has dark pink eyes, no hair, and does not wear a mask[1].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pretender has the ability to take over the bodies of others, with their powers still intact. When he took over Alexandria, his dark pink eye could be seen in her empty eye socket, where her own eye was missing. Her existing eye looked normal.



Received his powers from Cauldron.[2]


As with many Cauldron-made capes Pretender's loyalties got under suspicion after Echidna crisis. Except his fortune dived even lower after he killed a government thinker (likely, to cover his tracks or as favor to Cauldron) and got arrested.

He hired Bambina, August Prince, and Starlet to free him as he was moved by the Protectorate to a more secure location. While they provided distraction, he was retrieved by Contessa.[1]

During the fight with Behemoth in New Delhi, he took control over Alexandria's braindead body to fight the Endbringer.[2]

Gold MorningEdit

During mayhem in Cauldron Compound Pretender was using Alexandria to bodyguard Doctor Mother,[3] and later helped Taylor's team to annoy Scion[4] and evacuate.[5]

Alexandria's body was eventually destroyed in a fight with Scion, presumably killing Pretender.[6]

References Edit


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