Prey is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Snare and followed by Colony.

Summary Edit

The Protectorate's attack on the Nine is a success, eliminating Mannequin and Crawler and putting the Siberian on the defensive for the first time. But the string of victories by the heroes prompts Bonesaw to release the penalty she prepared for the Nine's game: a bioweapon that destroys the ability to recognize other people. Unable to identify friend or foe and severely hampered by the resulting isolation and paranoia, Taylor manages to contact Panacea and get her to release a cure, but in the meantime, Jack learns of Dinah's prophecy. Intrigued by the future it promises, he and his remaining teammates leave Brockton Bay with one new recruit- after a quick stop to punish the traitor in their ranks. One donation interlude: Legend meets with the top tier of the Protectorate regarding the results of his stay in Brockton Bay, including the new information about the Siberian. Closing interlude: Sierra, Taylor's employee, continues to manage day-to-day life in Skitter's territory, until her boss returns from the campaign against the Nine.

Chapters Edit

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