Prey 14.8
Date posted September 29, 2012
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Prey 14.8 is the eighth chapter of Prey. Bonesaw activates her city wide plague, and Skitter is caught in the effect...


Then the Undersiders split up in an attempt to get away form the mist.

Skitter lands and finds Tattletale and Grue

In the final line of the chapter 'Tattletale' and 'Grue' are revealed to be Bonesaw and Jack.



  • Skitter's full legal name Taylor Anne Hebert is disclosed.
  • The prosopagnosia miasma is shown in the narrative to remove all means of identification, the author considered it a balancing act to make sure Skitter did not seem overly dumb.[1]

References Edit

  1. Comment by Wildbow in Prey 14.8

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