Professor Haywire was a supervillian operating out of Madison, Wisconsin[citation needed].

Abilities and PersonalityEdit

Professor Haywire was a Tinker specializing in "interdimensional tech". Besides the general tinker-tech creations of power suits and laser rifles that he would outfit himself and his minions with whenever he needed to secure the funds and materials needed for his experiments. Haywire also created things like 'tag' ammunition that temporarily shunted the victim into another reality, along with ammunition that could sink into one reality to get around a obstacle and surface in the datum reality to strike it's target.Some of his enduring creations were viewing lenses to see what was occurring in other realities, and multidimensional portals that could be used to travel between realities.[1]

Because of his powers he was in constant communication with two other versions of himself on alternate earths, this presumably helped him to set up much of his inter-dimensional tech in the first place. His behavior was further influenced by his Passenger, forcing him to take risks and induce conflict where he may have been content to stay in a lab.[2]

History Edit

Background Edit

Professor Haywire tore a hole between realities sometime before 1988. He was stopped from completing his plans.[3] His actions revealed the existence of several alternate earths to the public[4] and some classified by the authorities.[5]

He died well over two years before the story started.[6]

Legacy Edit

The hole between realities that Professor Haywire created led Earth-Bet to discover Earth-Aleph. It also almost sparked a war.[7] Thankfully several agreements between the govermental entities of the earths prevented this.[8]

However the Hole was largely restricted to allowing the transmission of data through radio waves.[9] The hole itself has filled in with concrete creating guarded facilities that stopped anyone from going in or out. The only concession was communication devices feed through the concrete which allowed the exchange of knowledge.[10]Besides research, media was one of the few things that could be traded back and forth through the hole - leading to the trade of books, movies and DVDs of TV shows.[4]

In December 2009,[11] the Endbringer known as The Simurgh accessed a vault containing Professor Haywire's technology using it to create a functional large-scale version of his inter-dimensional door. The Simurgh used this technology to create two gateways - one between Earth-Aleph and Earth-Bet and one between a part of Cauldron's research facility and Earth-Bet. The portal dumped the buildings, soil, plant life and the residents from both locations into Madison, Wisconsin.[6]

This set up a series of events that would impact the world for years to come.

References Edit

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