Psychosoma was a founding member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Psychosoma is a tall bald man with a pencil-thin mustache and beard and spidery fingers. He is narrow enough that his clothing hangs off him like it had been draped on.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Psychosoma warps people into twisted wall-climbing monsters that he controls. If these monsters are damaged enough, the effect breaks and the victims are returned to their normal and unhurt selves.[2]

Golem remarks that it is difficult to deal with a group of Psychosoma's victims because if the effect were broken for one, the others would attack the freed victim.[3]


Psychosoma was a founding member of the Slaughterhouse Nine along with King, Screamer, Harbinger, Breed, Crimson, Gray Boy, Nyx, and Jack Slash. He was killed in action, and Bonesaw created ten clones of Psychosoma as part of the Slaughterhouse 9000.[4]

Golem engaged a group of clones containing one Psychosoma clone,[5] and the Dragon's Teeth and the New York and Texas Protectorate and Wards engaged a group containing three Psychosoma clones at Hyde Park. The Hyde Park clones were killed by Contessa and Number Man.[1]

Jack Slash brought a group containing the remaining Psychosoma clones to Los Angeles.[3]


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