Quinn Calle is a lawyer specializing in parahumans cases.


Quinn is distinctly amoral lawyer. He has virtually no reaction to Taylor admitting to premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer, commenting only "I've handled worse."[1] Shortly afterwards, she kills several people right in front of him, and he not only continues to work for her but jokes about it later on.[2]


Quinn Calle is a handsome Latino man, sharp-dressed, styled black hair, but with a scar on one nostril and cheekbone."[3]



Cut his lip after his attitude got in the wrong side of a client.[1]

At some point, he represented Bambina and met her mother.[4]


Quinn was hired to represent Skitter by the Undersiders after she surrendered to the PRT. Through his work Weaver was able to join the Protectorate.

Gold MorningEdit

At some point Quinn became an associate of Glenn Chambers, they worked together in figuring out who was going to get out of the prison to help in the fight.[5]


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