Rachel Lindt, also known as Bitch by her allies and Hellhound by her enemies, is a member of the Undersiders.


Rachel has a squarish, blunt-featured face with thick eyebrows, auburn hair, and a muscular build being naturally inclined to fitness, with constant activity needed to force around her dogs when they are grown to monstrous size. She wears heavy jackets with thick fur collars and/or hoods, heavy boots, and a dollar store Rottweiler mask. Taylor was of the opinion that Rachel was rather butch. Later, she began to wear a mask Skitter made for her that resembled one of her enhanced dogs, Brutus.[1]

In the years since she relocated to Earth Gimel she has put on more muscle mass, height, a tan, toughened feet, and had let her hair grow out longer.

During Gold Morning, she was wearing a black jacket, tank top and pants, with a white fur ruff on her hood.[2]


Rachel's personality is obfuscated by several factors. One is her lack of education that has left her largely illiterate and forced her to adapt to the world in other ways, such as developing a talent for memorization.[3] Another is her relationship with her dogs. Possibly as a consequence of having triggered at a young age,[4] her already weak social skills and empathy were overridden refocusing on her power's target: Canines.

As such the baring of teeth and direct eye contact commonly used in normal human interaction seemed threatening to her.[5] While frequently and erroneously labeled a sociopath or even a psychopath due to this adaptation, Rachel has gained an unparalleled grasp of dog handling for her age. She can easily distinguish individual dogs of the same breed.[6] Rachel continues to struggle to communicate with others but makes an effort nevertheless. She does feel guilt and more for her failed interactions and those she accidentally killed when she first triggered.[7]

Another large factor is the fact that she never learned how to interact with people. Rachel grew up in an apartment where her mother was almost never around and was labelled as a 'borderline feral child,' by child protective agencies. She went through three foster homes, including one where she was 'given a lesson on violence of every kind.' In the last foster home, the mother was a strict disciplinarian who punished her for the smallest things. Every punishment made Rachel fight back even more.[8]

She approaches many of her relationships as a struggle for dominance, though she holds on to her relationships with those who she actually trusts with every fiber of her being. The personality she presents as Rachel and as Bitch are almost indistinguishable. This likely stems from her homeless years where her identity was known to the public and was actively hunted by Protectorate teams.

Rachel was heterosexual,[9] and, as an adult, was in a casual sexual relationship with Biter. She was happy that he didn't "make it more than it should be".[10]

Relationships Edit

Taylor Hebert Edit

Rachel tried to hurt Taylor in her first meeting in an attempt to keep an "outsider" from joining her group. Rachel gained respect for Taylor after she retaliated for this assault.

Following the Undersiders falling out with their employer, and proving that Skitter had not actually betrayed her, for what Rachel thought was the second time, she held Taylors hand was they went to the hospital to check their injuries.She likely referenced Taylor when she said that she could stand one or two of the Undersiders.[11]

A notable shift in their relationship occurs when Taylor starts referring to Bitch as Rachel in her inner monologue.

They ended Worm as close friends. With Bitch having a private memorial to her on Earth Gimel.[10]

Lisa Wilbourn Edit

Though Lisa can get along with Rachel it is Taylor that makes the connection that Rachels power has changed her mind into focusing on dogs.

Brian Laborn Edit

Rachel respected Brian as the person, and Grue as leader of the Undersiders. but she did not have much connection with him, simply following his orders.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Illustration by sandara on deviantart

Rachel has the ability to empower dogs to vastly increased size - in the order of three thousand or more pounds - enhanced strength, durability, agility, and an asymmetrical covering of bony plates, spikes, exposed muscles, and calcified flesh.[12] Her power has affected her ability to socialize with humans, having hardwired it to better understand canines. She was capable of using her power at range, and on multiple dogs at once.[5]

Rachel cannot, however, automatically control the dogs that she empowers. She has gotten around this drawback by training her dogs to respond to whistles and specific commands. She has also shown some skill with her power, as she participated in more fights her dogs steadily gained more durability, to the point of being able to take lightning bolts from Behemoth.[13] Though able to create additional mass from seemingly no where the animals Rachel empowers are still bound by conventional physics.[14] Any strength a canine gains from her empowerment is given a disproportionate amount of mass which can end up restricting their movements. As such Rachel needs to be careful how much additional mass she feeds to dogs as they lose agility and other benefits the larger they get.[10]

Her power also affects other canines, such as wolves. In fact, her power seems to work far more effectively on wolves than domestic dogs; the transformations of her wolf were sleeker, stronger, more symmetrical, caused less strain to herself and the wolf even when she worked the transformation faster. It is not shown how her power would affect other canines, like coyotes or dingoes. The downside of that, however, is that the wild canines take far more effort to train, not having been domesticated over generations. Rachel kept Bastard, her wolf, with her constantly for the first few years, and even then the training might not have been effective if she hadn't raised it from a puppy.

Using her power tires Rachel out, and the faster she uses it, the faster she tires.[15] Therefore, she prefers having time to slowly increase her dogs' sizes, rather than having to rush the job. The size increase does not last forever, and when her dogs decrease in size again they shed the extra muscle and bone like an outer coat, meaning the dogs have to be extracted from the mound of flesh. She feels her power as an internal vibration radiating outward, reverberating off her dogs.[5]

Her ability also has a restorative effect on it's subject, while it cannot correct old injuries that have already healed. It can deal with cancers, parasites, poisons and other damage and disease, it's use generally increases the overall health of the subject, and will usually heal any damage the dogs take when they are in monstrous form.[16]

At the beginning of Worm, Bitch has three dogs that are trained to obey her while under the effects of her power: Brutus, Judas and Angelica. This number increased exponentially as she gained the resources to rescue, care and train more dogs.



Rachel lived with her mother, who was gone so often that Rachel stole money to get food. When all the food was gone and her mother wasn't around, Rachel tried to make rice (she was small enough that she needed to stand on a chair to reach the stove). She tipped the pot and burned herself, screaming so loudly that the neighbors called 911. Child protective agencies labelled Rachel as a borderline feral child. Rachel was sent to three foster homes. In the first, the parents were kind, but didn't know how to deal with her. Her foster sister stole or broke everything. Rachel didn't know how to respond, and so used violence. In the second home, she was got 'An education in violence of every kind.' She was there for three years. In the third home, she had only a mother, who would punish her five foster children for every tiny mistake. Holding a fork wrong would result in dinner being taken away. Rachel, begin stubborn, would rebel even more when punished. Rachel was sent to school, with after-school classes and piano, too. She was not suited to the environment, had never learned how to deal with it, or with people in general. One day, she found a stray puppy she named Rollo. Over time, she gained his trust with scraps of food. She took him home in secret, and tied him to a tree in the backyard. Lunch money went to food for Rollo and dinner went down the drain, for not being perfect. On top of that, Rachel got up at four in the morning to play with Rollo. As a result, she could never focus in school. The dog wasn't happy begin tied up most of the time, and eventually, Rachel tried to take it for a walk. Rollo got free. He fell into the pool. Rachel couldn't swim, and the dog was too scared to let her get close enough to help him get out from the side of the pool. The foster mother, now awake, closed the pool cover over Rollo. That was when Rachel triggered. [17]

A newly gifted fourteen year old, faced with her abusive stepmother triing to drown her cherished puppy to punish Rachel insitnctivly reached out and empowered the poor animal.[5] The puppy wasn't actually a dog.[18] The empowered puppy then killed her stepmother, maimed her foster siblings and destroyed the house.[4][19]

Rather than go to a parahuman detention center and be institutionalized, Rachel ran. Not knowing how to read, interact with people, or having any other skills, she survived by resorting to crime and being the meanest thing around to protect herself and her new family. She survived on her own as a homeless person despite pursuit by the authorities for close to two years.[4][20]

Quickly gaining a reputation as a super-villain she was christened Hellhound by the media, though she preferred Bitch. she eventually came to rest in Brockton Bay and volunteered at near by animal shelters to get the chance to work with dogs.[21] Rachel was eventually approached by a proxy for a Backer that said if they joined a team they were setting up she would be provided with protection for herself and her dogs.[11] Joining the Undersiders, Rachel worked with them for a few months engaging in robberies and similar crimes. Rachel would later chase off Spitfire, and try to keep the Undersiders from expanding.[22]

Story StartEdit

She would fail to do this effectively when they recruited Taylor. She tried to size her up as her own test for the new member.

Participated in numerous activities of the undersiders. Including the Battle at the Bank, but she did not join in later socialization activities that her teammates did to celebrate, partially because of her identity see being known to the public. She decided to go and check on the money to see if it was there and she was ambushed by Uber and Leet under contract from Bakuda. After her teammates escaped Grue came back for Rachel, finding her with her arms chained to the ceiling having been used as a punching bag by the ABB.[23]

She later carried out a raid singled handidly with Brutus against a Dog fighting ring controled by the E88, specifically Hookwolf. Afterwards she was with the undersiders when they went to the truce meeting discussing what to do with the ABB. There Hookwolf brought up the issue of her raiding his dog fighting ring. The matter was concsidered shelved until after the battle with E88. Grue and Tattletale later had a heated discussion with her over the virtues of team communication.

Was with Skitter when they headed out with elements of the E88, Travalers and Faultline’s Crew to deal with a major ABB drug operation. Togather they dealt with Oni Lee and eventually Lung. Coming back to base with money taken from the operation She accepted skitter's share of it after she answered some personal questions.

Participated in the Battle at the Gallery, and had confidence in Skitter being able to get the undersiders out. Meeting the Undersiders backer in person afterward the promises that originally got her on the team were reiterated with the additional caveat that her efforts to provide shelter for all of the dogs would be expanded upon with hires and similar.[24]

When the Endbringer came to Brockton Bay Rachel initially did not participate. Towards the end she came to Skitters rescue, sacrificing many of her cherished companions to do so.


Rachel allowed Taylor to rejoin the Undersiders despite her betrayal of the group. Later, during the assault on the PRT Headquarters to steal information, Bitch intentionally sabotaged Skitter in hopes of getting her arrested. She failed and after a confrontation allowed skitter back into the group.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Rachel and her group, were attacked by one of the Dragon suits.


Rachel had her newest minion send a letter to Weaver, she expresses thanks for all that taylor did for her while saying that while she did not know when she will she her again they should both try to remain alive until they can see each other again.

New Delhi Edit

Meeting Weaver for the first time in Largely part of search and rescue efforts she was

Rachel uses her dogs to carry one end of a chain imbued by Foil's power, cutting through Behemoth's lower leg. She goes back for a second run, only making partway through the leg before the power runs out.


She spent much of her time in the unoccupied earth before coming to see Taylor on her birthday. She would later assist in the collective action against the Slaughterhouse 9000.

Gold MorningEdit

Bitch assisted during the conflict of the Golden Morning; Scion severely injured several of her dogs. Bastard was severely mutated when the heroes tried to save him using a Lab Rat formula while he was under the effects of her power.

Quotes Edit

  • "Words" ~ Rachel in response to most platitudes
  • "Everyone likes the manipulative assholes after they’ve had a chance to do their manipulating." ~ Rachel to Satyrical

Trivia Edit

  • There are inconsistent sources on the age Rachel was when she triggered, twelve or fourteen. It should be pointed out that Rachel herself did not really keep track of her age.
  • Had the protectorate successfully captured Rachel following her trigger event she would have been given therapy and placed into the wards. Like Flechette, as an orphan Rachel would have been able to be passed around departments that needed help to handle crises, like when the ABB started their insurgency.[25] She may have been saddled with a cape name 'Canis Major' or 'Kennel Kid'[26]
  • the character who would be Rachel first appeared in Circus and the Elite, in this conception she was not part of the Undersiders, who were conceptualized.[27]

Fanart Gallery Edit

References Edit

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    A Rachel focused fic could be neat.
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    I have no idea what name the Boston Wards would give her, though
    Bitch obviously wouldn't make the cut
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    For hero names, Canis Major is one option. Houndmaster? Kennel Kid! She has the catchphrase "Pawsome".
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