Sadie J. Austin known to the public as Rail, is a member of the Anchorage Protectorate.


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Brunette, average build, leaning towards the athletic. five foot and six inches with a weight of 130 lbs.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Grants temporary invulnerability while moving touched targets or self a set distance.[1]

After touching an object, Sadie can move them to a set distance of forty-three feet along any horizontal plane. While moving, these objects are largely resistant to damage, though some affected materials were noted to have scuff marks after some heavy collisions. Small, hand-held objects move at roughly seventy-five miles an hour, while objects the size of a car move half that speed.[1]



Rail is a fresh recruit with minimal experience, one of the only Alaskan natives to join the newly founded Anchorage Protectorate team. She came to the Protectorate through a long series of referrals, a recommendation of a friend of a family member who knew someone in the PRT.[1]

References Edit


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