Ranking sites and Betting sites are websites dedicated to rating and ranking parahumans.

Modus operandiEdit

Ranking sites track the wins and losses of capes, both hero and villain.[1] High rank depended on "trending". If you lay low, or were overshadowed by a larger news story, your ranking would drop.[2][3]

Ranking sites will often pay capes to host livestreams or be interviewed online, or offer prizes.[1]

As a form of promotion, cape ranking sites will sometimes sponsor parahumans - similar to a corporate team but with less strings attached, but contingent on them maintaining high rankings.[1] Bambina recieved money from sponsors, even though she was a villain, based on her ranking; when it dipped, she recieved less money.[4]


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    • Ranking Sites - (Bambina talks briefly about these) - sites that track hero/villain wins and losses sometimes offer payment to qualifying heroes, host streams or interviews, or do a kind-of-corporate-but-less-strings-attached sponsorship that's often contingent on holding a good position.
    • Betting Sites - Some sites allow people to bet on outcomes. Will a fight happen between Poison Apple and Dojo? Put $30 on the site, leave it sitting there (site makes money off of the interest of said money), and if a fight happens and your choice wins, you get good money. Heroes can bet on themselves. Some specifically cultivate and go after low odds. Authorities allow this to go on as long as it's aboveboard (no killing) because it promotes fairly inoffensive conflict. - Can rogues make a living as a hero? (Wildbow,, 2017-03-06)
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