Ravager was a supervillainess. [1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Ravager was a Grab-Bag Cape who had enhanced fighting abilities; several unnamed abilities[2] that resulted in an enhanced physique.[3]

They were able to inflict festering and permanently scarring wounds[4] which smoked and stung.[5][2] All wounds Ravager inflicted would fester and scar horrifically if not tended to,[2] scratches becoming a evisceration.[3] They also maintained clairvoyant awareness of those wounded.[3]

History Edit


Ravager 'hired' the Slaughterhouse Nine in order to kill Mouse Protector, a hero that had apparently managed to annoy Ravager enough to make that seem like a reasonable thing to do. The Slaughterhouse Nine did, in fact, kill Mouse Protector. However, they killed Ravager as well right after that for having the audacity to try to tell them who to kill as if they were common thugs or mercenaries for hire. Bonesaw later fused Ravager's and Mouse Protector's corpses together into a gestalt being named Murder Rat.

Story StartEdit

Their torment was ended by Panacea.


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