Raymancer is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Raymancer has a jovial personality and strong leadership skills, not willing to let Tecton stay with the team when it wasn't tactically efficient.[1]


Skitter was blind when she met Raymancer, so a full description of his costume is not likely forthcoming. Her bugs could not sense the lens or beams that he generates with his power.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Raymancer can create innumerable energy blasts and beams, condensing and refining them to devastating effect using a lens that he projects and controls.[1][2] Tecton describes him as strong and versatile.[3] Raymancer mentions that he doesn't need a straight shot to hit his targets.[1]



A long-time member of the Chicago Wards, Raymancer shared command in a partnership with Tecton.[4] The Wards team was built around Raymancer's power, with his melee-range teammates situated to protect him as he attacked from range.[3]


Along with the rest of the Chicago Wards, Raymancer participated in the battle against Echidna and her clones along with the Undersiders.[5] During the fight, an Echidna clone of Vista blasted Raymancer with a lethal dose of radiation.[1] He later died from the resulting radiation poisoning.[4]


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