This page is about the Russian mercenary group. For the US supervillain team, see Red Hand.

Krasnaya Perchatka (Red Gauntlet) are a parahuman mercenary group in Russia. [1] Red Gauntlet is a major power in Eurasia, arguably on par with Russia’s government.[2]


The only group in Russia where people work together. They're mercenaries, and depending on the lens one uses to view the situation, you could say they're really the ones in power in Russia. Where things are otherwise balanced, Red Gauntlet's ability to accept or refuse jobs basically cements it as a deciding factor or power in the political discourse.[1]

Red Hand doesn’t tend to cooperate with the PRT in the global scheme of things.[3]


The daughter of one of the founding members, Rukavitsa, presently leads. She was arguably the catalyst for the group's formation, she's romanticized and beloved in Russian culture, her group is hated by local government, and while she hears out any argument, she'll ultimately make the calls that Red Gauntlet follows.



When Russia was in a state of paranoia and persecution surrounding parahumans, Red Gauntlet formed as a band of friends and family with powers attempting to survive. They gained power, gained strength, and gained leverage. [1] They were founded or assisted by Cauldron.[4]

Initially serving the Russian government as the precursor to what would be the Elitnaya, Red Gauntlet was bought out by the Eritreans in the second Eritrean War for Liberation, and thereafter settled into a role as mercenaries. [1]

Post-Echidna Edit

When the CUI invaded Thailand/New Siam during the Timeskip, Red Gauntlet sided with the Chinese state.[2]

References Edit

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