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Alec, otherwise known as Jean-Paul Vasil, is the son of Nikos Vasil, otherwise known as the villain Heartbreaker, and a member of the Undersiders.


Regent is generally far more amoral than most of the Undersiders due to his upbringing. He does however care for them; when Taylor asked the team not to get revenge on her tormentors, Regent disagreed and brutally humiliated Sophia Hess. Even though he didn't care, he felt he ought to. The action ultimately resulted in Sophia breaking probation and getting sent to juvenile detention.[1] Generally Alec is passive-aggressive when it comes to conflict, making wry comments behind the scenes while his friends try to figure out a problem. However, this does not mean Regent does not contribute to the Undersider's planning.

He is noticeably perceptive and astute but he is largely driven by hedonism. As a consequence, he does not try to keep fit and generally does not apply himself to a task without prompting.

Regent is best described as "a straight-up hedonist",[2] showing no preference in gender for those he sleeps with.[3]



Largely dismissive of his family, having made the choice to disassociate himself from them.

Undersiders Edit

Gets along with his team-mates but is very good friends with Imp. Taylor had no Idea what their relationship actually was.[4] Though Imp seemed to consider it an equal partnership that was destined to rule the world.[5]


In his civilian guise, Jean-Paul is described as more pretty than handsome, though undeniably attractive. Lanky, with European descent and black curly hair, he wears expensive if not particularly attention-grabbing clothing, preferring to buy new clothes rather than wash something and wear it a second time. Makes a habit of wearing white.

As Regent, he wears renaissance-era clothing, with leggings and loose fitting shirts. His mask is in the style of a Venetian mask, with an attached silver coronet. The mask has a hard exterior and is padded underneath which offers him some protection. When the undersiders first formed Regents mask did not cover his mouth, later versions of his outfit did.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Alec has the power to cause targeted involuntary movements in the bodies of other people, ranging from twitching a leg, causing a stumble to manipulating internal organs, inducing vomiting. He mainly uses this power to trip his opponents during battle before finishing them off with the taser hidden inside his scepter. While useful in combat, Alec's Master 8 rating stems from prolonged use of his ability on a subject. If given enough time to use his power repeatedly, he becomes able to control all bodily functions of his victim. This includes using their abilities if they are parahumans, and having access to their full sensory suite. He is able to have full control over multiple people at the same time.

Alec's control over his completely subjugated targets worsens as the distance between himself and the people he's controlling widens or when he is trying to control more people. As a side effect, his own coordination, speech, and fluidity of movement suffers the same extent that the people under his control have. In addition, assuming complete control over a person requires Alec to have a long period of time in close proximity with the subject, up to a few hours, so that he can "learn" how their nervous system works.

While not strictly immune, Alec is highly resistant to the powers of his relatives, like his father and his sister Cherish. Through concentrated effort they could over power Alec's resistance, but he would have the same opportunity to do so to them.[7]



Born Jean-Paul Vasil, Alec was the fourth of Heartbreaker's, Nikos Vasil's, children to develop powers. He ended up undergoing a trigger event at the age of eleven due to his father's actions. Specifically, after getting into an argument with his siblings that disturbed his father, Heartbreaker used his power on Jean-Paul, subsequently causing the child to trigger and gain his powers. Jean-Paul worked for his father as "Hijack" for a few years, learning the family trade, until his father began to ride him. Nikos pushed Jean-Paul's limits, forced him to complete dangerous assignments, and forced him to do things that were hard on his conscience.

Eventually, Nikos had Jean-Paul kill a rival foot soldier that was trying to push them out of their territory before telling him that he did it wrong. Jean-Paul realized that, no matter what he would do, his father would tell him he had done it wrong and make him keep doing it.

Knowing his father would continually try and force him to be something he wasn't Jean-Paul walked away.[8] Hijack would acquire a new identity as Alec and "Regent". He was eventually contacted by Coil and joined the Undersiders.[9]

Story StartEdit

Once the Undersiders learned that Lung was planning to attack them, they argued strategy for the better part of the day before deciding to meet him halfway. They encountered Oni Lee with half a dozen Azn Bad Boys and fought him. Eventually, Oni Lee got spooked and ran before the Undersiders continued on. They found Lung on a rooftop whereupon one of Bitch's dogs tackled him off while the other dogs landed on top of it.

Regent slid off his mount and then hurried over to the edge to watch Lung fight with Bitch's dog. He told Grue off after he introduced him "last and least", but in a tone to show he wasn't offended. Tattletale then told them that they had to scram and Regent got onto one of Bitch's dogs before they left.[10]

Stayed by Tattletale's side when the Endbringer came to Brockton Bay give that his abilities made him utterly useless for the conflict.


Totally wanted Skitter back on the team because she is both good at what she did and to make sure that Grue would 'unclench'.[11] Completely wrecked Shadow Stalker's career, by revealing all that she had been doing to his teammate Taylor at Winslow High.[1]

Collected Shatterbird Did not contribute when the Undersiders benefactor turned against them.


He did not send a letter to the imprisoned Undersider leader.[12]

Killed by Behemoth during the New Delhi fight when he distracted the Endbringer from Imp, stepping out of cover into the aberrations firing range, doing so in order to allow his friend to get to safety.[13]

Legacy Edit

His friend, Imp, removed Heartbreaker from consideration and gained custody of Alec's various siblings.

Imp was educating herself in the classics and similar to be a good enough villain, while looking after his siblings.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Though rarely mentioned, Alec has noticeable talent when it comes to drawing and painting, but like many activities he doesn't apply himself.
  • Clones of Alec made by Echidna are tagged as 'Vizier's, just as a regent can step onto the throne of monarchical european countries, so too can a vizier(usually a secretarial position) in middle eastern countries.

Quotes Edit

“Hey Shitcrumb! Easy-“-last words.[13]

Fanart Gallery Edit



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