Rise of Khepri



  • Taylor becomes Khepri

The Rise of Khepri is an event taking place during Gold Morning. It focuses on Taylor Hebert after her power is modified by Panacea.


Following the raid on Cauldron west African base, Taylor was given more information on how second triggers worked and how powers changed and evolved.

Events Edit

Taylor was able to convince Panacea to modify her power in the hopes of gaining an advantage in the fight against Zion.[1] While successful Taylor rapidly loses her ability to communicate with others.

She begins targeting specific parahumans that are able to assist her task, starting with Doormaker and Clairvoyant, subsuming Teacher's students, the Yàngbǎn, and still incarcerated prisoners in the Birdcage. This led to Dragon, her friend and mentor, to oppose her.

Aftermath Edit

Following her disabling of Dragon, Taylor — or as she would later be known as, Khepri — was now ready to turn her full attention to Zion.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Just as with her surrender to the PRT, Taylor again shows her willingness to make important decisions without consulting those closest to her.

References Edit

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