Linda Brown,[1] known publicly as Rosary, is a member of Haven.[2]


Rosary wears a rose-tinted robe with gold leaves around the edges,[3][4] featuring fingerless gloves covered with hard metallic feathers or scales.[5] Her costume has a gold mask[3] of etched metal that covers her upper face and is connected to the hood of her robe.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rosary has the power to break non-living material into leaf-like fragments, control those fragments, and reconstitute them into the objects or parts of the object at a different location.[4] She is able to use her power to break down a car in three to four seconds.[7][8]

The flakes she creates are light and fragile enough that they take a while to do much damage, often failing to harm even an insect[5] although they are sharp enough that a storm of petals can cut through spider silk.[9]

One notable offensive use for her power is that she can reconstitute heavy objects in mid-air above her opponents.[5][8][10]



When two of the Fallen travelled to Brockton Bay, Rosary was one of the two Haven members sent to the city fight them. The Undersiders battled both Haven and the Fallen at the same time, prevailed, then handed the defeated Fallen members over to Rosary and warned her to leave the city.[11]


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