Desdemona "Dez" Shelley is a member of the Anchorage Wards.


Has a lot of self love and has a good relationship with her parents.

Can be petulant.


Dez is a short, dark-skinned girl.As Roulette, she wears a black and red mask and costume. She wore one half of her hair braided, the other loose.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Dez is, in her words, a 'shotgun precog'. She views a spread of futures in a matter of moments with the number of events and the length of the viewing periods depending on the time since her last 'shotgun', her emotional state, and her degree of rest. The number of futures viewed and the duration of each viewing vary from six to two and hours to seconds, respectively. The ability hits a ceiling at the point where she is incapacitated for longer than the visions last.[3]

Capabilities and priorities Roulette observes are reasonably accurate, but events can diverge wildly, and shouldn't be taken as a reason for action on their own. [1] [4]



Natural Trigger.

PRT QuestEdit

During Director Seneca's meeting, Roulette asks Feint about himself when he mentions that he thinks that he thought some people were subhuman. She was taken back by Feint's response before, after Aurouch sent Feint out, she apologized.

References Edit

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