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Rune is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


While a part of Empire Eighty-Eight, Rune wore a red and black robe. She later switched out to a dark blue cape with a peaked hood edged with runes after she joined Fenrir's Chosen.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rune can touch an object to attune to it, after which point she has the ability to telekinetically manipulate it. These objects can weigh several tons each. She is usually limited to two distinct object but can manipulate more with decreasing returns on the variability of the objects and her own ability to operate independently.[2]



Rune was born a tertiary member of the Herren Clan. Her parents had broken away from the Herren Clan, but Rune's childhood rebellion dragged her back. She ended up connecting with an uncle after her parents began to have problems with their finances at the same time that she had some snags with the law. Her uncle spoiled her, encouraged her more reckless behavior, and brought her along on some things that ultimately got her sent to juvenile detention.

Lacking the ability to adjust or hold back, Rune was segregated and ultimately triggered and broke out. Her uncle connected her to Kaiser, who brought her and her family to Brockton Bay and helped them financially.[3]

Story Start Edit

Rune came to confront the Undersiders during their day-to-day activities as a criminal organization and their bid to takeover Brockton Bay. She then helped the city during Leviathan's attack by bending a barrier formed by Kaiser into a makeshift cage to hold the Endbringer after Clockblocker temporarily froze it.

After Kaiser's death, she followed Hookwolf and joined Fenrir's Chosen. She was later wounded when Hookwolf was being recruited by Shatterbird before Othala healed her. Afterwards, she began to have thoughts about leaving Fenrir's Chosen.[citation needed]


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  2. Two objects at a time, three if she devotes enough focus that it impacts her ability to manage her own movements, balance, self defense, etc, and maybe four if she really tries, gives up a lot in the aforementioned categories, and very probably has items which are easy to coordinate (ie. all roughly equal in shape and mass).

    Takes up to 30 seconds to attune to each object, tracing signatures onto them with her power. - Wildbow comments on the limits to Rune's powers?, reddit
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