Rune is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Rune wore a costume designed to make her look like a wizard.[5] Her original costume featured a black and red robe.[2] After joining Fenrir's Chosen she wore a dark blue robe with a peaked hood, edged with runes.[3]

She had long blonde hair.[3]

Personality Edit

Rune was a white supremacist,[5] a result of teenage rebellion from her family (who had escaped from the Herren Clan.)[4]

On both occasions she spoke, she was vocally angry with the Undersiders,[1][6] although this may have been a coincidence.

Tattletale speculated that she was hoping to leave the Chosen following Hookwolf's departure.[7][6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rune can touch an object to attune to it, after which point she has the ability to telekinetically move it.[1][2] She has to trace signatures onto the object with her power.[8] This process takes a few seconds,[9] up to a limit of 30 seconds.[8]

Although Skitter believed she was limited to objects weighing up to a ton,[1] they can in fact weigh several tons each.[5] She was able to levitate pieces of rubble the size of trucks,[1][10] which were seemingly about her upper limit.[11] On one occasion, she was seen to break off a chunk of a building by using her power on it.[9] She was Manton limited to nonliving objects,[5] although people could ride on objects she moved.[1][10]

She is usually limited to two distinct objects, but can manipulate three or four with increasing penalties to her own ability to operate independently. Similar objects are easier to keep coordinate.[8]



Rune was born a tertiary member of the Herren Clan. Her parents had broken away from the Herren Clan, but Rune's childhood rebellion dragged her back. She ended up connecting with an uncle after her parents began to have problems with their finances at the same time that she had some snags with the law. Her uncle spoiled her, encouraged her more reckless behavior, and brought her along on some things that ultimately got her sent to juvenile detention.

Lacking the ability to adjust or hold back, Rune was segregated and ultimately triggered and broke out. Her uncle connected her to Kaiser, who brought her and her family to Brockton Bay and helped them financially.[4]

Story Start Edit

Her public identity was revealed by Coil along with the rest of E88.[12] She went on a rampage alongside Purity

She then helped the city during Leviathan's attack, helping bend a barrier formed by Kaiser into a makeshift cage to hold the Endbringer after Clockblocker temporarily froze him.[13]


After Kaiser's death, she followed Hookwolf and joined Fenrir's Chosen. She was later wounded when Hookwolf was being recruited by Shatterbird.[14] before Othala healed her.

She attended the Meeting at Crater Lake with the rest of the Chosen, covered in barely-healed scratches and scars.[10]

She helped fight the Slaughterhouse Nine as part of Hookwolf's army.[15]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

After Hookwolf left with the Nine, she fought the Undersiders as part of group including both Pure and Chosen. She berated the Undersiders for trying to claim the entire city. They were defeated and order to leave the city.[6] Tattletale speculated that she was hoping to leave the Chosen.[7][6]

At around the time of the Echinda event, Rune was among a group of Nazis operating in Boston who were giving Accord and Blasto trouble.[16]


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