S-Class threats are those classified by the PRT as among the most dangerous threats in the world.[citation needed]


There are multiple ways for parahuman, non-human[1] or group[2] to be labelled a class-S threat.[3]

High level duplicators and villains who operate to any exponential degree are automatically considered S-class if their powers generate more instances of power generation or recurring effect in an epidemic pattern.[4]

Three PRT Thinkers must all rate a situation sufficiently highly before it can be considered an S-class situation.[5]


Being labelled a class-S threat is equivalent to kill order, in addition to which the PRT calls everyone they can to destroy the threat.[6] According to Miss Militia, the difference in response to a class A crisis and a class S one is minor. Some tertiary protocols change, the Triumvirate are guaranteed to assist, and there are penalties for anyone who subscribed to the critical situation roster if they sit it out.[7]

There are epidemic protocols for dealing with a Class S situation.[8]

Historic ExamplesEdit

At the beginning of the story, there were six recognized class S threats:[9]

Later additions:

The above emerged as class S threats over the course of the story. Further, Ash Beast has the potential of being an S-class threat but moves slowly enough to be avoidable,[11] and Blasto had a "high risk" of becoming S-class.[12]

There were threats of a similar level that were not widely known, and were dealt with by organisations such as the Thanda.[13] Some tinkers (Bonesaw, Rattenfänger, Jamestowner, Mosaic, Monstrum) and other capes like Chrysalis have the potential for becoming S-class threats,[14] if they could find some outside means for cooperation or a power boost/second trigger.[15]


  • Wildbow described what S-Class Trickster would look like.[16]

References Edit

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