Satyrical or Satyr for short, is the current leader of the Las Vegas Protectorate.


Satyrical appears to enjoy lying and headgames. He is overtly sexual and very flirtatious but remains in love with Pretender. Further, he knows how to use these traits to his advantage.


Satyrical wears a helmet sculpted to look like a goat's head with its mouth in a perpetual smile and large eyeholes, belts and leggings. His chest is muscular and waxed free of all hair.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Satyrical is capable of splitting apart into multiple clones in a "slow, oozing process" that have a minimal shapeshifting ability.[1] He can make clones of other people, but while he can make them physically stronger than them, he can not replicate their powers. Once killed, the clones wither and collapse into bloody messes.



Satyr received his powers from Cauldron.[2]


Best friend was kidnapped by the same people. [3]


Ran his team independent of the Protectorate, and did several missions for Doctor Mother during this period.[4]

Golden MorningEdit

Infiltrated the Cauldron Compound to find out what had happened to the Doormaker. Came into contact with The Irregulars and Weaver's group.


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