"Hate my power, hate my power, hate it, hate it, hate it."

Scourge 19.2

Scapegoat is a pseudo-healer from the San Diego Wards.


While generally sarcastic,[2] he was still willing to heal people despite risking getting dangerous even fatal conditions transferred to him.


When in costume Scapegoat has a white and gold color scheme. His mask is an alabaster goat's head in reference to his name, with two curling horns fixed to a golden circlet. He can move the visor up, if needed. He wears white functional robes similar to Myrddin, with armor present underneath, a golden chain around his waist with a goat's head buckle.[3][2][1] He was short enough that Taylor concluded he was probably under 18.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Scapegoat "heals" people by means of shifting alternate possibilities,[3] transferring mental and physical afflictions between targets,[4] he uses his own body as a bridge and a template for this process.[5] Scapegoat's power allows him to dig through potential realities to find uninjured versions of the person he is working on and apply that person's condition to his target. This removes the person's injuries, essentially making it as though they had not suffered them at all. The effect is weaker if the target resists, and can be broken if they are subjected to impacts, injuries or shocks in one to six hours following the procedure. They must stay within a 150 feet of him. Once he uses his power, he takes on the injuries of the person he has applied it to.[3][6] He is even capable of transferring permanent disabilities or power-induced effects.[7]

His power has an offensive application, wherein he can apply the injuries he sustains to an enemy,[6][3][4] with a lower chance to revert to him if the enemy is injured.[7]

Experiencing Scapegoat's power is very uncomfortable during the transfer, as you briefly feel multitude of seemingly-random sensations at the same time.[3]He can concentrate to "seal" a given transfer, reducing the risk and eventually making the transfer permanent. Alternatively, he can concentrate to influence the duration of afflictions he's applied to himself upward or downward. These options are mutually exclusive.[7] Things are herder for if the subject still has organs that he has had removed.[8]


Background Edit

He suffered from "what seemed like an endless march of failing health, new illnesses, syndromes, and mystery diagnoses" before gaining his powers.[9]

Echidna Incident Edit

Was paid off by Tattletale to heal the damage done to Skitter without informing him of the extent of the latter's injuries. He later acquitted himself well in the fight against Echidna, vastly reducing fatalities and casualties among the defending capes.[3][2]

References Edit

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