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Scion, also known as Zion, is the avatar of a higher power.


To better interact and simulate humans,[citation needed] the Warrior Entity created a facsimile of a human mind, which gave him a human mind linked to the alien's true self. He had never experienced any loss or hardship, and was correspondingly immature.[4]

Scion would follow Kevin Norton's instructions - save orphans in wars, fight the Endbringers, stop fires and natural disasters. He would also act to prevent things which would kill large numbers of people and prevent shards from finding hosts.[5] This included being polite to people it met.[6] He could be overly literal in interpreting Norton's suggestions, but didn't always follow them to the letter.[7]

He would destroy Damaged Shards on sight.[6]


Scion appears as a burnished gold man with long hair[8][9] and a short beard.[7][9] He had no body hair.[8] His eyes were the same featureless gold as the rest of his body.[7] He glowed with a golden light that caused water to wick off his hair and body, and cleaned and dried his clothing. It left a brief trail in the air when he flew.[7]

His expression never changes, but onlookers perceive his emotions anyway; often describing him as looking sad.[7]

When he first appeared, he was naked. At some point, he donned clothing. At first, a sheet worn over one shoulder and pinned at either side of the waist, then more conventional clothes.[8] In 1999, he donned a white bodysuit[7][9][8] extending to his biceps and toes.[7] He doesn't wear shoes or gloves,[10] but his costume did include a plain white cape.[9] His clothing was often filthy, but would slowly but surely clean itself over time, causing the stains to fade as dirt and particles were pushed out of the fabric.[9][7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the Warrior, Scion possessed countless powers learned from the thousands of worlds he had consumed, and had the capacity to learn more by sending shards out to other species and reabsorbing them once he had learned new potential applications from them.

After sacrificing most of his shards to grant powers to humans, he retained those powers that he would need to defeat Earth should he have to fight. He relies on a limited store of energy to use these powers, meaning some can only be used sparingly.

Stilling Edit

Scion's primary power is the power to negate any kind of wavelength using his golden light. This effect is extremely versatile; it can be used to disintegrate matter, slow or stop motion, and negate the effects of specific powers. Stilling can be fired as beams, orbs, or area bursts, used as a force field, or transmitted by touch.[11] When used offensively, the effect lingers, continuing to eat away at the target after the initial attack. Offensive blasts range greatly in power, from thin beams to continent-destroying blasts.[citation needed]

Using this power disturbed electronics.[12][13]

Flight Edit

Scion can fly at immense speeds as an application of his general golden light aura.[12] At his fastest, he was able to fly to the other side of the world in less than a minute.[13] He left a short golden trail in the air.[7]

Senses Edit

Scion can sense everything around him through unknown means. He appears to have control over the range of his senses, and can see into other universes if he chooses.[6] He can also use the senses of parahumans, since they carry his shards.[citation needed]

Super-Strength Edit

Scion has superhuman strength, sufficient to lift Behemoth several hundred feet into the air.[14]

Regeneration Edit

Scion's body is only an extension of a vastly larger being. Any damaged tissue is replaced within a fraction of a second by undamaged tissue from the main body.

Partial Power Immunity Edit

Scion is immune to certain types of powers. His actions cannot be predicted with precognition his powers cannot be copied, and powers cannot directly interfere with his mind in any way. In addition, his multiple senses make him very difficult to blind or mislead for any period of time.[citation needed]

Scion can "tune" his defenses to defend against specific powers (see Stilling.)

Path to Victory Edit

Scion can learn what actions he must take to achieve a specific goal. Unlike Contessa, he can use this power in any situation, but it drains him and he has to use it sparingly. This ability costs him a lot of lifespan to use[3]

Worldshifting Edit

Scion can move through alternate universes.[13][15] If necessary, he can also attack objects in other universes.[16]

Visions Edit

Scion can transmit visions of himself and his memories to parahumans via his shards.[17]



The Warrior creates an extension of himself in the shape of the host species. He waits for a year before realizing that something has gone wrong. Stepping into the target reality, he sees his shards raining down alongside the shards of his counterpart. He destroys them on sight and then expands his perception across the world and other realities. The Warrior learns that the Thinker is dead and realizes that he cannot complete the cycle. He experiences a deep, profound sadness for the first time.

On May twentieth, 1982,[8] Scion notices a vehicle approaching and how the people begin to communicate with each other and worship him. He sees one of the Thinker's shards taking root in one of the passengers, that the man is dying of a systemic issue in his body, and kills the cells responsible for causing the disease.[6] This also cured the man's sister.[8] Then, he turned away from the crowd and flew away.

He then spent years wandering the world, observing.[7]

The Warrior was later approached by Kevin Norton. Kevin threw one of his shoes at him before charging at him and beating at his chest. Kevin shouted at him, saying that he didn't deserve his power before demanding to know what he had to be sad about. He then told the Warrior that he didn't deserve to be miserable and then told him to go do something with his power: save orphans from wars, save people from burning buildings, clean up after disasters, and etc. Kevin suggested that it might help him feel less miserable and the Warrior considered his words. He decided that it could be something he could do and then took flight.

For years, the Warrior followed Kevin's instructions,[6] faster and faster. By the middle of the 1990s, he was traveling from crisis to crisis, flying faster than the speed of sound.[8] He would regularly return to Norton and listen to him, both giving instructions on how to better save people and to his thoughts on life.[7] In 1999,[8] he was given a white bodysuit and was told to keep it clean.[7]

Then, Scion came across a burning town and began to exterminate each source of heat. He lowered himself to get a better shot at the library and came into contact with a woman who asked him his name. It remembered the story that Kevin had told it once and then answered her, telling her that his name was "Zion" though she misheard it as "Scion".[6] This was caught on camera, and was the only time Scion was known to have spoken.[8]

At some point, Scion reacted to a nuclear test in the same way he had been reacting to paramilitary groups in Africa and the Middle East, shooting down a test missile and destroying the launch facility. This quietly convinced nuclear powers that Scion would intervene, effectively ending the Cold War.[5]

After Behemoth first attacked, Norton saw on TV that he had flown right past the monster to come visit him. He told Scion to help the heroes fight the Endbringers.[7][18]

Story StartEdit

Scion appeared at the Battle against Leviathan, driving the creature away.


Scion was told to begin killing the Endbringers by Kevin Norton when he realized he had merely been fighting them, not trying to stop them. He destroyed Behemoth, but was unable to defeat the other Endbringers once they adopted new tactics.


Was attacked by Gray Boy broke free, then started listening to Jack Slash

Heavy spoilers for the final chapters

Golden MorningEdit

Jack Slash successfully convinced him to instead seek joy through destruction, leading to the events of the Gold Morning, and the deaths of Eidolon, Grue, and billions of others. He was eventually killed through the combined efforts of thousands of parahumans under the command of Khepri, after being distracted by Oliver of the Travelers and then fatally shot by a Tinker-tech weapon operated by Defiant.


  • (To Eidolon): "You needed worthy opponents."
  • "Zion"

Trivia Edit

  • Scion's role in the story was largely unchanged from how his character was originally conceived.[19]


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