The Sentai Elite are the Japanese hero team.

Modus operandiEdit

The Elite were Japan's foremost team. Their members were not permitted to abandon Endbringer fights.[1] They were organized into multiple differing teams spread out among Japan.

Each groups costumes were color-coded and stylized,[2] effectively identical without a color swap and organized into groups with matching body types.[3] When deployed against Endbringers all Sentai present wore tinker-made armor with wrist-mounted laser guns and rifles at their hips.[1]


  • Lung encountered a Sentai member in a yellow and black costume, whose power was unable to hurt Leviathan.
  • The Sentai had a member who could mass-produce tinker weapons,[4] presumably Masamune.[5]
  • They had sixteen or seventeen people fighting in close to Leviathan, including one in a purple and green costume.[1]
  • A tinker, Seiunsho, who created several giant robots for the organization,[2] his latest version was deployed with calamitous results at New Delhi.[6]
  • They also had members capable of stopping Leviathan from advancing, parahumans whose strikes caused the ground to shake, and some capable of softening or deflecting his water echo.[1]
  • It is unknown what relation, if any, Black Kaze had to the organization.[7]



The Sentai were set up or quietly supported by Cauldron.[8]

On November 2nd, 1999 the Sentai Elite fought Leviathan alongside The Triumvirate, Protectorate, and Lung at Kyushu.[1] The sun would rise on the 3rd on the Sentai Elite's greatest defeat.[9]

With the defeat many members left the organization. With notable members were recruited to other hero teams,[5] or migrated to the US and set themselves up as villains.[10]


Remnents of the organization dealt with the attentions of a new Endbringer. They still maintained adaquete response times.[11]


  • Their structure and costume design recall sentai television shows, which are known in North America as the Power Rangers.
  • The after effects of Leviathan's attack on Japan and the subsequent clean up operations would have been subject to another quest after PRT Quest had concluded.[7]
  • Prominent members, especially tinkers, seem to take their code-names from smith's in japanese folklore.


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