Sentinel 9.6
Date posted April 21, 2012
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Sentinel 9.6 is the sixth chapter of Sentinel. Shadow Stalker perspective during supply escort, Shadow Stalker follows Skitter; tries to kill her and gets ambushed.


Shadow Stalker leaves Ward Headquarters after assaulting Vista.

She calls her friend Emma who has left Brockton Bay in wake of Leviathans attack. She commiserates with Sophia with what the Ward needs to put up with from her colleagues.

She observes a Chosen raid on Emergency supplies meant for the city, and sees the villain group get into a fight with the protectorate. She participates surreptitiously going after a few of the non-powered chosen members. Then she spies the bug girl stealing food from one of the now neglected aid trucks.

Remembering that the skitter knows her secret identity Sophia decides to remove her now that she is independent of her team. Trying to ambush her Skitter flees and leads Shadow Stalker on a chase with duplicates and through fences. She finally captures her and tries to cut the teen-aged villains throat. She is stopped by Skitters tough costume. The Undersiders appear and Grue and regent disable Shadow stalker and let Skitter knock her out. Before this happens Shadow Stalker accuses Skitter of perpetrating a farce about leaving the Undersiders. That nothing had changed.

Skitter corrects Sophia saying the things have changed.


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