Shamrock is a member of Faultline’s Crew.


Shamrock had no compunctions about using her abilities to cheat casinos,[1] though given her apparently religious upbringing and other erathly origin this may be due to culture shock. She grew close to Gregor the Snail and eventually began a relationship with him. She admitted that she was "a little claustrophobic at the best of times."[2]


Shamrock is an attractive, slender woman with red hair, older and taller than both Spitfire and Labyrinth.[3] Despite having Cauldron's stylized-c tattoo, in her case on a shoulder blade, she does not have "strange features to speak of" common for a Case 53.[4][5]

Her combat gear includes a mask, a combat shotgun, and a bodysuit of skintight black leather with a green clover on the chest. She also has a "more concealing" variant on this costume that is not described further.[6] In warmer conditions, she wears her mask, a pair of black yoga pants, and a green sleeveless t-shirt with a clover-leaf symbol on the front in black.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shamrock possesses a subtle[8] combination of microtelekinesis and similarly small-scale unconscious clairvoyance,[9] this gives her the ability to "affect small changes to create wider effects, essentially altering events in her vicinity" and making her seem exceptionally lucky.[5] For example, she can fire bullets that hit exactly where they need to, barely dodge attacks such as thrown walls and Scrub's blasts,[10]. More mundanely it can be used to influence the results of numerous coin flips and dice rolls,[11][8] and to collect lost or scattered items.[12] Because she is a Cauldron cape, it is highly likely that this power was specifically constructed to be such.

Faultline claimed that precognition "wouldn't work" with Shamrock's power in play.[7] The Number Man confirmed that Shamrock was invisible to The Clairvoyant backing up Faultlines statement,[13] it is unknown how it effects individuals like the Simurgh.



Shamrock was kidnapped from another Earth and experimented on by Cauldron. She was subject number 777 and picked the name Shamrock after passing roughly a year of testing. Where her power was tested and trained.[8] Likely being prepared to be placed in some heroic team, in line with the organizations goals.[14][15] After she had progressed far enough she was given the chance to pick her code name, she choose Shamrock.[16]

At an unknown point either before or during the events of Worm, she escaped Cauldron and found herself on Earth Bet. According to The Number Man, Shamrock is one of the only people to have escaped from Cauldron's custody.[17] After finding freedom, she circulated through high-stakes gambling rings, leveraging her power to her advantage.

Story StartEdit

Faultline became aware of Shamrock with the help of private investigators in the spring of 2011, and set out to recruit her.[1]


Shamrock accompanied her team when they crashed a Merchants drug party, using her power to avoid being hit by Scrub's blasts. During Burnscar's assault on Palanquin, Shamrock assisted Labyrinth in activating a mechanism that flooded the street, dousing fires.[11]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Shamrock became romantically involved with Gregor the Snail and was with the rest of her crew when they infiltrated Madison and convinced Matryoshka to leave with them in their search for answers. After returning to the hotel room she accompanied Faultline down to the lobby, but returned to the crew's rooms just in time for Contessa's attack on the team.[7] Shamrock also attended the battle against Echidna along with the rest of her crew when Tattletale purchased Labyrinth's help opening the portal.

Gold MorningEdit

In the final hours of Gold Morning, Faultline's Crew was relocated to Earth Bet. As the dying Khepri tried to rally the parahumans against the main threat, Shamrock temporarily disabled Narwhal with a single bullet.[18]


  • Shamrock's memory was not erased by the Slug. She retains memories of her life before her abduction, such as the fact that she went to a "temple-school". Shamrock also mentions that she comes from an earth that has more monarchies than Earth Bet or Earth Aleph.
  • Like many characters in Worm, Shamerock took her turn as the protagonist for one of the stories many drafts.[19]

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