Shatterbird was a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Shatterbird considers herself a scholar, and claimed to be "the Nine’s primary recruiter", and to "have an eye for people who can thrive among us".[1] Alec describes her as being a control freak having a great deal of pride.[2]

Jack Slash described her as pretending to be civil but growing restless when things got quiet. He also noted that she was very prideful, with her driving motivation being validation from those around her, while the threat of physical harm or embarrassment held her back.[3]

Shatterbird enjoyed the long-lasting psychological effects that her city-wide attacks had on her victims and their loved ones.[4]

According to Witness's deductions, Shatterbird harbored romantic feelings toward Jack, but never acted on them and justified herself with excuses.[4]


Shatterbird was Middle Eastern in appearance. She wore a helmet of colored glass shards that covered the top part of her face, a flowing garment of colored shards on her body, and a beaked glass mask.[4][5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shatterbird was a silicakinetic, having the ability to manipulate silicon through high-frequency sounds, giving her essentially perfect control over all glass, sand, and other siliceous compounds within multiple city blocks of her location. Often, she would use this ability to make every piece of glass in a city explode violently to announce the arrival of the Slaughterhouse Nine.[6]

Shatterbird had finer control of glass that was closer to her. She leveraged this ability to create projectile weapons, fashion makeshift shields, and fly by controlling the glass in her costume. She could even use her power to shore up injuries with "constructs" made out of glass.[7]

Her power was subject to the Manton Effect, and couldn't affect plants.[8]

According to the Missing Interlude, she could hear sand, allowing her to detect people digging. She claimed that this was why she left Dubai.[4]



Shatterbird was born in the United Arab Emirates and was unknowingly dosed with a Cauldron formula, prompting the manifestation of her powers and the deaths of thousands. She eventually made her way to London, then America, joining the Slaughterhouse Nine. According to the FAQ, this is probably "more or less accurate".[4][9]

Shatterbird's induction into the Slaughterhouse Nine was the last time more than one of its "candidates" survived the Nine's tests previously to their arrival in Brockton Bay, and she presumably won her place in the Nine by killing the other candidate(s).[3]

She would gain a reputation as the recruiter for the Slaughterhouse Nine, directly recruiting Burnscar when the young pyrokinetic was on one of her sprees.[10]


Shatterbird came to Brockton Bay with the rest of the Nine and devastated the city with her power. Her candidate for membership was Hookwolf, whom she convinced to agree by threatening his Chosen.

She was defeated and captured by an alliance of the The Undersiders the The Travelers. Regent then used his Master abilities to control her body and by extension her power.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Shatterbird was killed during the Battle against Echidna. Originally freed by some of Echidna's clones when a Vizier tried to control her she killed it and turned her scream on he liberator.

Several clones of her were made and used as part of the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand, all are believed to be dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Information is incorporated into this article from a non-canon source; see the page in question for details.
  • In an early draft of Worm, Shatterbird was named "Breaker",[11] an ironic moniker given that she does not fall under the Breaker classification.

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