Shell 4.10
Date posted 25 October 2011
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Shell 4.10 is the eleventh chapter of Shell. Bakuda starts monologuing and torturing the Undersiders, Skitter un-toes Bakuda in response.


Wracked with pain from one of Bakuda's explosives, Skitter struggles through horrendous, continuous paralysis and attempts to regain control of her body and thoughts. Bakuda angrily criticizes the Undersiders for celebrating getting an advantage on her and reveals she is aware of Skitter's role in the imprisonment of Lung. As retaliation, she declares Skitter will receive the 'special treatment' of watching what is done to her friends.

Bakuda explains that while copying Vista's power in order to create a space distortion grenade, she managed to accidentally swap the Manton Effect limitations on the power; Instead of only affecting inorganic matter, the explosive only affects organic matter, apparently still leaving the person alive although in a tortuous existence. She inserts a capsule of this explosive into Grue's nasal cavity

Skitter finds her thoughts still too scattered to give proper commands to her bugs, and instead has to rely on her knife. As Bakuda moves to put her in place to see the bomb go off, Skitter brings down the knife on one of her feet, sticking it through into the pavement .She attempts to free it, but is too close to unconsciousness to pull it out. Grue calls out, and she manages eventually to understand his words as a request for the knife. She lets herself fall to the ground, using her body weight to lever the knife out, leaving the arm holding it extended towards Grue as a last act before losing consciousness


  • The feeling that Skitter describes closely aligns with nerve damage. This is corroborated later.


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