Shell 4.11
Date posted October 29, 2011
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Shell 4.10
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Shell 4.10 is the twelfth chapter of Shell. Taylor wakes up concussed, shows the ability to hear through insects. Lots of discussion with Undersiders and Taylor's Dad.


After maiming bakuda Taylor comes to in a hospital with her teammates desperately trying to wake her so she can call off the bugs she had been telling to come her. Before passing out again she asks tattletale to do something about the music she is hearing this is worrisome to Lisa and Brian who fear she was a worse concussion then they thought. Lisa is surprised that Taylor is right about the music after she sees the person fitting Taylor's description listening to an ipod.

Lisa and Brian drive Taylor back to her house, where they introduce themselves in person to Taylors father after having called ahead to let him know they were incoming. They have a long chat as Taylor listens in. Taylor learns about the steps she needs to take to manage her concussion.

Danny makes some food and drinks for the trio of undersiders, bagels and tea.

The trio learn that Bahuda has started a bombing campaign and broken Lung out of prison. The undersiders stay the night with Taylor.



  • Taylor is able to sense music through a moth when she is being treated. This is a heads-up for later in the story when she is able to listen to whole conversations through her insects.

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